Is The Last of Us Remake Worth $70?

Is The Last of Us Remake Worth $70?

The Last of Us is officially coming to PS5 this September, but is the $70 price tag too steep for a game that’s nearly a decade old?


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  1. if its a REMAKE then its a brand new game, and yes its worth the full price why not ? there are many who didnt had a chance to play it because it was exclusive now it will be on pc aswell

  2. Shameless cash grab and a complete waste of development resources. Hard pass. Tired of this series.

  3. The once-respected Naughty Dog has become another greedy, mismanaged, and horrible game company. This remake is a bad sign of desperation, they already REMADE this game before! hard pass for me.

  4. Wow… All the forced sequels, reboots, remakes and remasters in the gaming and film industry really shows the creative bankrupcy… Tlou remaster is still amazing, it does not need a remake or remaster… milking…

  5. Used to buy ps because it was exclusive, now the games keep coming out for pc, next time ain't buying ps again and just sticking to pc, just as I've done with Xbox, as soon as they stopped with exclusives. Pc is so much better.

  6. This is a double edged sword;

    – Buy it, and you're supporting the exhausted trend of remasters/rebuilds of old titles.
    – Repurchase an old title for $70, and you're supporting critically acclaimed, massive budget, single player stories.

    You can't have the latter without the former.

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