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  1. “Best selling car in America”

    “Most important cars in the world”

    Every other country on the planet: 😕

  2. but doesn't have superior range. And i cover CO & WY for work… not uncommon for 150+ mile stretches without gas stations…. much less electric chargers.

  3. Like you said , love that it looks like a regular truck. Unlike the Tesla , the new Chevy avalanche sorry Silverado. And the upcoming ram

  4. these vehicles are killing machines. numerous studies have proven that as vehicle size increases they become more dangerous to other road users. pedestrians and cyclists will be maimed and die because people buy trucks like this. they should be banned.

  5. They nailed it. Only thing stopping me is still range. Won’t buy electric until something is comfortably within the 5-700mi range

  6. This f150 is definitely for the people who drive trucks just because they like trucks. It sucks for people who wanna tow and haul trailers

  7. I feel like the target demographic for F150s doesn’t want electrification. It’ll be interesting to see how it does

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