The Crypto Bailout Just Started – BEWARE

The Crypto Bailout Just Started - BEWARE

The crypto bailout explained – how to stay safe investing right now: ▻ Discover the power of social investing with stock, ETFs …


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  1. Inflation is calculated using the current CPI model. I am pretty sure that if you used one of the older models from the 90's then inflation is probably well above 10%

  2. Great summary of what’s going on! Market volatility has been absolutely crazy. Today’s 2.5% pop in the S&P 500 was great, but I think there’s still more downside ahead.

    As for crypto, the short futures ETF won’t have as much impact as the seasonality of crypto, historically. If Bitcoin’s bottom is $17.5K, that’s one of the weakest Crypto Winters ever.

    Personally, I think Bitcoin has a high likelihood of selling off to $14K, at least, as all the Bears are salivating over potentially killing the Celsius Network.

    If this winter is like 2018, we’re looking at low between $10K and $11K. 😳 That would definitely be an insane buying opportunity!

    Thank you for all you do, Andrei! 😀

  3. I just don't understand why everybody has such a hard on for owning a derivative of a thing. Just buy the damn Bitcoin🤷. Why would you need some kind of Bitcoin spot ETF? This fascination with derivatives is precisely the same kind of thinking that created the 2008 mortgage debacle. It's leveraging risk on top of leveraged risk while running shorts and options and blah blah blah blah. Dollar cost average into Bitcoin sleep soundly at night live your life. There's only marginal utility in all these "clever ideas". Money and a compulsive need for Instant gratification are about as constructive a combination as a caffeinated toddler and a flamethrower.

  4. Even with the current dip , I'm so excited I've built my portfolio to $50,560 from my weekly trade•I'm having my fourth withdrawal in 10 business days•💯

  5. You're not a random person, Andre. You are somebody we have grown to respect. We revere you because you're self-made and you have grown exponentially in your knowledge. You have gained a cunning and formidable expertise in certain areas because you never stop learning and bettering yourself.

  6. A bailout would be a lump sum needed immediately. However, Voyager has access of up to $75 mil per month only as needed. Not all at once. They see the ability to last until the end of 2024 with the buffer giving their customers continued benefits just now at a higher cost for voyager. It seems they need more revenues for this to work

  7. Often in "Corporate America" the layoffs are not about you or your skills. Sometimes the position is simply eliminated. And for some reason good people are let go rather than moved to open positions. Don't take a layoff personally. It sucks, to be sure, but its not you.

  8. Venezuela at 162% yoy is actually pretty low for Venezuela …
    it is a LIE that increase the fed funds rate does Decrease the prices of commodities and food, Oil and so on.
    The Major factor on those prices is Speculation … if the fed increases rates that would have a very direct effect on those prices since there would be Much less money on Speculation. 85%+ of Oil trades is done Not by producers and consumers … but by Speculators.
    So Powell Lied and the senator is a ignorant moron.

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