We Turned our Smartphones Into Dumb Phones for a Month, Here's What Happened

We Turned our Smartphones Into Dumb Phones for a Month, Here's What Happened

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  1. It took me way too long to figure out that you guys actually were sitting next to each other. The corner on the wall behind you was right in the middle and I was wondering why you'd be filming separately. Lol.

  2. What's wrong with googling things you wanna know and going into a learning rabbit hole? That's literally one of the best uses of the internet out there. The fact that you have any information just one search away is amazing.

  3. You should have locked your phones in a box under the earth, and bought flip phones with no internet access. That’s the true test.

  4. What do you people think about a “background” kind of phone use?
    For example, I either watch YouTube videos or listen to music pretty much all of the time –
    Watching videos when I’m getting through my daily routine, eating, brushing my teeth, etc and listening to music while driving, working and more.
    On the one hand I honestly enjoy it sometimes, on the other, I feel like I need to be constantly fed stimulation, and also while I’m just doing stuff like work, the music on my phone is a gateway to wasting my attention on other stuff.

  5. After watching this, I'm inspired to take the self-imposed time limits I've placed on certain apps more seriously, as in, once I've reached them, to be done with the app for that day.

  6. Problem is we never unplug. A time you would socialize at school and maybe a few hours after them it was family, dinner, homework, bathing and bed. You were able to break away from society. Now we never break away.

  7. I'd like to provide more positive reinforcement for the reenactments. They def help to keep my engaged during these frickin 15+ min vids. But like also, I would have gotten the same benefit to my life from this vid, if this vid had been only 5min. I'm left assuming that you HAVE to make these vids long because YT gives you more money for it or something.

  8. My phone is so old a lot of aps don't work so it's basically a dumb phone anyway. 😅 I only really use it for telling time, as a kitchen timer, and to play killer sudoku. I also recently cut waaaaaaaay down on twitter and I'm much better off for it. Hope it sticks…

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