Bitcoin Outlook (A Discussion With Eric Krown)

Bitcoin Outlook (A Discussion With Eric Krown)

0:00 Introduction 0:52 Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Predictions 11:48 Market Bottom of 2018/2019 14:20 Stock Market Thoughts …


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  1. Two legends who produce this amazing free content every day. It’s incredible we don’t have to pay for this valuable information. Can’t imagine a world without this guys anymore.

  2. ⚠️Note: beware of fake Ben scambots.
    • Only scammers post phone numbers.
    • Report Telegram and Ph# scammers.

  3. A tremendous amount of knowledge and experience here. It's a pleasure to listen in. I appreciate the look at the likely picture coming up

  4. Hey guys didn't hear much about regulation for the long-term perspective. Once regulation provides clarity we will start to see a flood of money into the space, yes taking on gold but also retirement and sovereign wealth funds. just hodl and chill.

  5. Krown seems so much different without the swearing…… Krown, Ben, James and Jason & Michael Pizzino are the TA kings.

  6. Grateful to hear/ watch this exchange and so glad to learn about Benjamin! It’s helpful to see Eric’s immense respect for Benjamin. I may be the only one on YT that is just learning about this channel. Thanks to you both for the collaboration!

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