Don't MISS BITCOIN'S All-Time High (Bull Run Is Coming!)

Don't MISS BITCOIN'S All-Time High (Bull Run Is Coming!)

We’ve talked about the bear run long enough; it’s time to shift our attention to the next bull cycle. In this video I give my prediction …


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  1. I just unsubscribed, can't take it anymore. I can do this myself I don't need the lies and the false hope on a regular basis. Bitcoin isn't going to go up because Ben said so. There are WAY better sources.

  2. Crypto has never gone through a recession or worse, and with our current governmental policies, things are going to get a lot worse with a much longer timeframe for recovery.

  3. I commit myself to stay tuned on your socials. With all the advise i will do my own resurge. And if i will become a miljonair the next bullrun i will invite you and your besties to the Netherland to enjoy.

  4. Thanks Ben Stay strong you sure encourage me to HOLD THE LINE. Affordable DCA daily and HODL . The melting of Fasces 2024 when those say "I wish i would have bought more" Affordable DCA is the KEY.

  5. This was the single. best. video. I've seen from the bitsquad yet. Totally realistic, no nonsense, no hopium… no "the bottom is in!" rhetoric. Well done, Ben. More of this, please.

  6. Funny how everyone and their dog freaked out telling everyone to sell and crypto was a failure. Oh it’s changed again quick but crypto !!!!. Don’t listen to these flops. Do it your own way, invest yourself, let it sit and follow 0 advice

  7. Many many and many YouTubers like Ben predicted that btc would hit £100K in 2022 (some even predicted$250K)
    Yeah you got that right
    Now the same group is predicting btc to go to $10k yeah right.
    I won’t make the same mistake twice
    We already hit the bottom and next peak is not going to be in Dec 2024 but Dec 2023
    Mark these words (based on my own research)

  8. You have changed so much. Off the deep end. November 10k bottom? Comical. But since your predictions are NEVER CORRECT it makes me feel great that you said it… Because now I KNOW FOR ABSOLUTE SURE that the bottom is in at the 17k from June 13. I already knew that anyway but to hear you thunder on with certainty really makes me cringe. I used to like your show but it's all become this giant circus and the clowns have lost their way.

  9. This channel always just changes their mind just hoping to be right. They say bull run coming, yeah ok Ben. 2500 eth by Valentine's. Btc definitely going to 13k if they predict bullrun anytime soon

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