NOW is the BEST TIME to BUY BITCOIN!!! HUGE Ethereum Upgrade WEDNESDAY!!!

NOW is the BEST TIME to BUY BITCOIN!!! HUGE Ethereum Upgrade WEDNESDAY!!!

Bitcoin Market Analysis, Ethereum Upgrade, + Crypto News (Shopify & Ebay GOING BIG into NFTs!!) Not financial advice. Just info …


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  1. He is already buying 🤣 This guy can't wait any longer 🤣. NOBODY is buying right now, because NOBODY has money anymore because of inflation and the upcoming recession.

  2. Everyone is worried about the market collapsing, but refuses to take advantage of it. It's good to buy when it's low, but it's better to hold a small amount in day trading. You know, most people think that investing in a cryptocurrency is a must until it rises, come on, it takes time and it's a long gamble, this recent dip and slight pump should be a lesson to people who holds blindly.Working with Edwardsville has made me believe that when you hold ,You stand the chance of losing it all to unexpected dips,so rather than simply holding I trade under his expertise, I earned 1.6 BTC from a recent crash in the market, following his daily trading signals and tips. This is a great way to get your backups done. In the event of a recession in assets.

  3. The AEX exchange held to play Texas Hold'em and become the owner of AEX with a hand of pokies! There is a raffle worth $600 here, come on and good luck to everyone.

  4. I haven't met a single person lately who hasn't convinced me to buy Bitcoin. And I can relax knowing that I am not the only psycho who spends 90% of my USDT on Bitcoin.

  5. <Be consistent and I just finished reading Outliers. In it he explained that 20% of the world's top billionaires in the 1900's were all born in the US between 1830 and 1835. He explained that it was a statistical anomaly and that the reason was for massive societal changes during the civil war, 1865, that allowed them to capitalize on them as they were in their prime working age of 30-35. In relation to Fourth Turnings, that was one then. We are in one now, we have been for over a decade. As a 35 year old who isn't 45 and vested in the old ponzi schemes that are housing, stocks, bonds, and SS I am able to capitalize with my full potential of the destabilization of remonetizing money. A 25 year old is not at a high enough earning potential to make major investments. This is literally the opportunity of a lifetime. And if you believe The Sovereign Individual, this is the opportunity of five centuries. The world will change in less than 10 years and one has to only see conjob 19 to see that governments don't care about your safety. As they realize they don't have the money for pensions they promised everyone they will eliminate their liabilities. Unfortunately those liabilities are you and I. Think for yourself and put yourself on the Bitcoin Standard! I buy and just trade long term more than ever, I have made over 16` btc from trading with Silvia Macido in few weeks this is one of the best medium to backup your assets incase it goes bearish. Technical analysis is my second language <You can reach Silvia on ͲeIє-ɠɾαm on 👉 @SILVIAMACIDO

  6. Umm I got Bitcoin when it was at 26k AUD when everyone else was shitting their pants 👌 also stocked up on sol and avax , already making some nice stacks . You losers are too late and soon we will see another dump

  7. est une très bonne vidéo, mais pour moi, j'ai réalisé d'énormes bénéfices sur mon investissement depuis que j'ai commencé à trader avec Mme Caroline , vos stratégies de trading sont de premier ordre

  8. I've seen lots of data regarding the history of BTC suggesting the next bottom is going to be on July 9th give or take a couple of days either side

  9. I am btc and altcoins hodler but I just think now is only technical rebound. It may go lower after the rebound. Hopefully I am wrong.

  10. as per my knowledge, experience & research, the last Dip is near, the expected date could be between the 1st to 15th of July.

  11. The AEX exchange held to play Texas Hold'em and become the owner of AEX with a hand of pokies! There is a raffle worth $600 here, come on and good luck to everyone.

  12. We have several months left of bear market this is not the bottom we will see Bitcoin around 12-15k before it starts climbing again

  13. In the risk disclosure at Celsius, Alex admits it's all a ponzi scheme: Your Earn Account is not a checking or savings account, and it is not covered by insurance against

    losses. We will pledge, repledge, hypothecate, rehypothecate, sell, lend, or otherwise transfer or use the

    digital assets in your Earn Account to counterparties, and such digital assets will be exposed to various

    risks as a result of such transactions. In certain jurisdictions, digital assets are not legal tender, and are

    not backed by the government or any regulatory authority. Accounts and value balances are not insured

    and are not subject to FDIC, SIPC, or FSCS protections. Your Earn Account is not registered with any

    federal or state securities regulatory authority. Legislative and regulatory changes or actions at the state,

    federal, or international level may adversely affect the use, transfer, exchange, and value of digital assets

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