Today let’s talk about Bitcoin and why it may have a big week. Also big updates in regards to several crypto companies, Nexo, …


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  2. Wall Street wants to eventually compete with Coinbase. They hate that they are missing out on the fees and commissions. They’re pulling for Coinbase to fail.

  3. The US is not the only one dealing with high gas prices, it's what I think that comment was trying to point out to. Maybe the US shouldn't have voted in the worst fkn criminal as president years ago, who mismanaged a whole pandemic like an idiot, then perhaps Biden wouldn't have to fix so much sh*t that the 🍊 left behind

  4. George, you read that wrong. The G7 isn’t giving $600 Billion to the Belt and Road initiative. It’s giving that money to developing countries to counter the Belt and Road. It’s competition with China.

  5. george stating the obvious but in shallow takes as usual.
    anyone start to feel like he’s just .. not that smart? lol i mean that as kindly as possible

  6. Voyager are public so they have to do press release. In this press release you missed that they are working with Moelis and Co. to get through this situation. They are huge.

  7. Check to see what Bancor are saying in twitter. I quote one of their their own devs explanatory thread: "The Bancor DAO passed BIP21 that gave the multisig signers these emergency powers" Then the used that to shut down IL protection basically not giving you any BNT as a insurance for IL. Later they used their majority in the DAO (Do Kwan style) to vote a proposal. They say its temporary, but you know what this means. Bancor are blaming Celsius for it all, calling it a black swan event. And the IL is huge, some friends reported up to 90% of their ETH or BTC missing from the pool. I personally did withdraw because I could see in real time how the amount of ETH I can withdraw is melting by the minute. They keep promising that if you do not withdraw they will eventually resume IL protection, but nobody sane would take that chance. If they could and they wanted to, they could compensate even people that withdrew. They have a lot of funds in their Swiss foundation which they are keeping for future development (As if they will have a future after this)

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