Today let’s talk about what SEC Chair Gary Gensler said about Bitcoin and what he didn’t say about Ethereum. Also an update on …


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  2. I've been following you for going on a year and a 1/2 almost 2 years You are amazing don't stop using don't stop what you're doing we need to you have a good balance you give the right information Such a logical view during down times

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  4. I have shares in Grayscale BTC Trust and received a letter from them which explained that if they get the Spot BTC ETF, the value of the trust will mark to market which would increase the value at conversion.

  5. Gary can’t say ethereum is a commodity because if he does then they have to show in court why Eth is and XRP isn’t.

    You should really look at everything that’s gone on in the lawsuit and realise what a mess the SEC is and what it’s doing to the whole of crypto.

  6. looks like btc will be the only one left! all the rest to 0.000000000001 i might take a loss & covert all my alt coins to BTC

  7. The exchange outflows are so high because of fear of insolvency. Those who've been happy holding on exchanges are moving to hardware wallets after the Celsius and 3AC situations

  8. Why should I buy this BTC crap along with the whales when they paid 2 or $5 bucks for this crap…..Stay away of it….Accept you are to late to this party….and now is no room for you to make any money in front of the whales…..They just using the late to the party money to maintain the their billionaire life stile with your money….

  9. BTC is considered commodity cause it is harvested(via POW mining) similar to other commodity like gold, oil, wheat, etc needs lot of work/effort to produce it

  10. Ethereum is a security, of so cardano , polka and family are also securities., so they are not decentralized, and if they are decentralized they will be illegal to own.
    And No , there will not be a spot ETF in the following years.
    Call it FUD , I call it logic and game theory.

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