Warning: Bitcoin Is About To Do Something SCARY (Bearish Engulfing on 6 Month)

Warning: Bitcoin Is About To Do Something SCARY  (Bearish Engulfing on 6 Month)

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  1. I love to hear your perspective you definitely seem like you know what you're doing Steve! I really appreciate videos like this to give us some sort of idea of what's potentially happening next.

  2. Maybe it's time to look at something else. Bitcoin dominance is beginning to fall as Eth is about to flip Btc in the near future, we are all going to look at Eth as the leading indicator in the crypto market..just saying maybe.

  3. I love the fact that Steve give his opinion on the last part of his videos which usually plays out. Unlike 90% of you tuber who just come out to give multiple Sceneries and end up confusing u with click bait. Much love from Nigeria Steve ๐Ÿ™

  4. Could you please explain this?
    On the one hand, the indicators are already pointing to the bottom of bitcoin, while on the other hand, the 6-month candle shows several years of declines? Who to trust more? Indicators or candles?

  5. In my option this is happening because alcoins have been taking bitcoin liquidity, back of that time there were not too many alcoins and people were most focus on bitcoin, now people focus most on alcoins because they have more upside potential than BTC

  6. Perhaps it means that the golden buying zone is going to be extended for months with further deeper wickdowns inside of it. This would play out the $10k – $14k scenario. Perhaps we won't see a new upside until 2023.

  7. Steve thanks for reading the comment box and keeping the request of your viewers. I have requested for showing the price bar in your charts, which you have implemented. Thanks for keeping the request Stay blessed. Love from India

  8. Still 100% USDC waiting to harpoon some dirt cheap crypto. Fortunately it will take years before we see the next all time high so it's gives us plenty of time to accumulate for the next bull run. These are the golden years!!! Last ride before retirement!

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