Today let’s look at the connection between Voyager and Celsius network. What happened to the $250M deposited? Also lets talk …


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  2. Six months from now we buy the shitcoin for 3k if it still exists. Smiling Sailor will also not exist in public. This shitty scam will come to an end and we make tons of money on tesla and palantir and Microsoft. Wrong Ponzi game.

  3. What is happening to the economy is because of social and demographic reasons why everything is imploding. The Fed knew that up front. Change costs a lot of money and if less and less people produce debt is the only way.

  4. Inflation is easy to understand. If you print more money, you devalue your currency and the "costs" of everything goes up. Simple! Only leftist idiots don't understand the concept.

  5. For Gary to stop a ETF claiming manipulation is an absolute joke coming from the man the oversees the stock market. It's also ironic seeing how futures ETF is used for manipulation. We need to take our tax money the SEC is using to sue everyone and give it to lawyers to sue the f*ck out of them

  6. George Powell is lying. He's playing dumb because he and his people destroyed Americans dollar value and they have been intentionally inflating for years always looking for more reasons to do so. They are criminals!

  7. George, I like you as a person and I like the optimist outlook but you really need to stop downplaying what’s happening in the world right now. Hopium is great in a bull run but the current macro environment is 💩 right now, we have to face reality. (a recession that still hasn’t been announced, possible depression, shortages, lay offs just beginning, high inflation, rate hikes, war, midterm elections and so much more) and too think or lead people to believe it’s not going to take a negative toll on markets is irresponsible for people who can’t afford to lose money in the short to medium term.

  8. All you millennials are finally getting a lesson on how economics work and how you cant just grow money from trees and offer all this high yield interest worry free! Cryptocurrency, the first ever market wide ponzi scheme. This is just the start. It's gonna be a bloodbath with hundreds of billions lost and numerous bankruptcies by the time it's over.

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