Big news about Celsius Network, Voyager, Blockfi and FTX. Is this the end of CeFi and crypto lending? Buy Bitcoin & Crypto …


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  2. "IF" there's a recession?!
    Geez you're more dellusional than I thought.
    Dude. We're IN a recession right now!!
    Question is how long until it becomes a GLOBAL depression!!
    Damn. I knew you crypto boys had your heads in the clouds
    but that's ridiculous!!

  3. Idk if you are blind or what. Ftx is owned by the fed. They know they can't beat crypto. So what's the next best thing? Own everyone's coins in a monopoly.

  4. How are you shocked by any of this? How did you think what you were getting was feasible. It’s ridiculous that this is even a thing. Wake up! This was a no brainer.

  5. Is there any communication on how the BlockFi purchase will affect those who have received loans from BlockFi? What about the assets that are on the platform?

  6. Well the majority of the world doesn’t understand Crypto or major Exchanges let alone crypto wallets, but they understand the simplicity of CeFi. To really get broad adoption of crypto there needs to be an easy bridge for the masses and CeFi is that in my opinion…in some form or another.

  7. Just listened to Rob’s (DAN Digital Asset News) show and seems like there might be some light at the end of the tunnel for Celsius. So confusing. Jesus… where is the bettering the world aspect among these money hungry companies?

  8. I already started by BTC and ETH dca when it broke 20K and 10K, respectively. $10/day for BTC and $5/day for ETH. I'll double my daily amount if BTC breaks 14K and ETH breaks 500. Still waiting for BNB to drop below 100 to start my dca.

  9. Voyager is a publicly traded company and isn't locked down like Celsius. So, I'm not worried about it until it's actually announced. Right now as much as I love George I count it as fub

  10. No new ATH until FED prints another 4-8 trillion. When ? Maybe in 10 years maybe next pandemic or war. Not soon though so if you got years to park money meaning not buying a house have kids or anything like that then accumulate.

  11. Absolutely glorious to see these CeFi companies fail. From the sound of it, it seems like all these firms were circle jerk lending to each other, and as soon as one failed, the house of cards came crashing down.

    Like come on dude, who put an “adult actor” to manage a book of billions.

    This was needed

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