Galaxy Note 10 Plus Star Wars Edition Unboxing

Unboxing the special edition Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Star Wars Edition. FOLLOW ME IN THESE PLACES FOR UPDATES …


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  1. The Star Wars Edition is really cool, but the Note 10 series might be the only phone where I actually find the Aura Glow which is a color on the regular version quite a bit more quite and cool than the special edition. No hate, love it all! Btw, Note 10+ user here, phone's been outstanding!

  2. Does anyone know how to change the theme to star wars? I bought this exact phone refurbished and unlocked but its set to the regular note 10 theme

  3. Who is here after the Note20 Ultra was announced? Starting price for Note20 Ultra is $1300 and all you get with it is a standard box and a charger. If I'm gonna pay to play I'd rather play with the Star Wars Note10+. Also $1300 but you get way more items with the phone, a special colorway and theme and the phone itself is just about as good as the Note20 Ultra in terms of performance.

  4. Lowell you should be ashamed of yourself you should have known that you that kylo Ren crashed his helmet you didn't watch the Star wars movie how can you be a Star wars fan???

  5. I'm ultimate fan of stars movie Sir Lew, that galaxy note 10 + star wars edition was collectables and one of a kind that phone was limited edition and everyone loves it sir lew

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