The BEST VR Games you're not playing – VR Hidden Gems (Quest 2, PCVR, PSVR)

The BEST VR Games you're not playing - VR Hidden Gems (Quest 2, PCVR, PSVR)

Welcome back, today we are checking out the Best VR Games as of 2022 that you’re just not playing. These are VR Hidden Gems …


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  1. Great recommendations! 🙂 Unfortunately, one amazing VR game is somehow always missing in VR hidden gems lists.
    Immortal Legacy: The Jade Cipher[VR] . It's a really fun Uncharted-style action-adventure and that's quite a rarity in VR.
    I'm still hoping it will make some money in the long run after the devs tweeted that it was unfortunately not enough to
    produce a sequel. The game deserves a lot more love.

  2. I have over 200 VR games on steam , none of mine were on this list there are tons of games to choose from , many of them totally free

  3. I think it's really important to do these kinds of videos. We don't want to lose these developers. I played Vengeful Rites thinking… this is totally indie and probably barely anyone knows about it… but it's so great and I want these guys to make their next, even better RPG. They deserve recognition and revenue.

  4. my favourite hidden gem is "from other suns" it basically FTL in VR, one of the first games I got on my rift. Multiplayer or single

  5. Guardians pvp looks like it could be really cool if its like starhawk/warhawk with energy that needs ti be charged up to spawn stuff. Sadly cant find any matches so idk what current pvp is even like.

  6. Good ol' Vengeful Rites (or VR for short, get it? heh heh) I fell off it after about 5 hours, but really liked it. Also, pretty sure I wouldn't have even discovered Vertigo 1 without your channel, great VR game, really looking forward to Vertigo 2

  7. SUPER solid list Matteo, damn!

    I'll just add Shooty Skies Overdrive which is in the same vain as Yuki. Very well done wave shooter where your hand is the ship.

  8. I love the Pixel Ripped games. Yuki didn't capture my attention as well. Legendary Tales is pretty cool and a must try for any VR RPG enthusiast. AltDeus, Gallery and Vengeful rites have my attention now, thanks to you. Cool video, thanks!

  9. I was playing Guardians VR about a year ago, and it was one of my favorite titles for a while. Great game if you have friends to play with. The developers were updating and adding maps at a good pace too.

  10. vertigo was crazy good,at first i was like whats this goofy ah game then after i played it that game is literally the og half life made for vr,cant wait for part 2.

  11. Thanks for the great list, Matteo! While real life is seriously cutting into (well, out, really) my VR playing time, I'll definitely be saving this video and seeing how many of these I can pick up–once I get the backlog of games I already have, but haven't had time to even crack open yet, a little more caught up.

  12. Tokyo Chronos is also by the Altdeus devs and it's quite interesting. It plays a lot more like a normal VN (no interaction) but the characters and plot are interesting. Plus the music is amazing.

  13. There are some awesome "oldskool" VR games out there, i remember divning in a few years back and playing everything i could get my hands on, and there we're some real gems in there, mostly shorter games vack then but still, the gallery's are a great example of this. Guardians VR to mee is kind of like the Serious Sam VR games, it's just fun mindless shooting. My recomendation, would be to maybe relive the old and make an oldskool VR vid, with the best titles when we we're still on the wire in full godray screendoor low fps but still feeling amazed every second bliss, haha!

  14. 2md is the closest thing we can get to football at this moment. Gotta go for the quest version though because that’s the version with all of the updates.

  15. Pleasantly surprised to find that I haven’t heard of most of these! People say there’s not enough vr software but I keep finding out about quality games like these that nobody’s talking about.

  16. Now this is what I'm talking about.
    Nice to see a showcase of something other than hellsplit, blade & sorcery, half life, and boneworks.

  17. I’m so glad someone brought up Vertigo Remastered. The amount of people who don’t know about this game is insane. I remember playing it being shocked at how amazing the game is and it never gets the respect of some of the other top VR games but I absolutely think it’s one of the best.

  18. My favourite hidden gem that nobody ever mentions is Witchblood from the Oculus Rift store. On paper it doesn't look like something that would work well in VR (side-scrolling platform adventure) but it's just a very nice little experience to play.

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