Samsung Galaxy S3: Pop-up Play New Feature Demo

Samsung Galaxy S3: Pop-up Play New Feature Demo

Samsung Galaxy S3: Pop-up Play New Feature Demo. Review, Specs & More. Release date, price, specs, features. Quad-core …


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  1. It only works with video files stored on your phone. When it's playing there's a little 'pop-out' box button which should turn it into a little widget so you can carry on browsing or whatever. Hope that helps!

  2. Nope, unless you download them, which is a massive disappointment. Pop-up Play is currently just for videos you have downloaded on your phone. Hopefully there'll be an update supporting third party video sites soon. Thanks for watching.

  3. Yeah it would be so much better if it worked with YouTube and the like. Maybe it'll do that with a Key Lime Pie update! Thanks for your comment.

  4. ok, so you can only do it on videos that are owned meaning download to the phone? right? because on the samsung media hub you own the videos you buy but, you can't use the pop up play

  5. Yeah default/auto brightness can be pretty annoying sometimes… Glad you found it on your own – always satisfying when you don't have to consult a manual 🙂

  6. Tech radar yea I found it on my own I scrolled didn't know there was more settings like I scrolled on accident it's default on auto brightness

  7. Go into the setting in the video player – there should be an option for playback brightness. Let us know if it works… 🙂

  8. I discovered an app on Google Play by the name of Super Video. It gives you the pop-up play feature. It can also be used on Youtube if you choose it in the video option box when selecting videos off the main site. Very hand, but I would recommend a device with dual-core. Go and check it out!

  9. Unfortunately it only works with video files actually on your device (downloaded). So no streaming from YouTube or NetFlix, which puts a damper on things! Thanks for watching 🙂

  10. @blackvalentine16

    you can do it through an app called stick it! on the android app market.. once youve donloaded it..go on the youtube app on android click the share button and choose stick it

  11. just a freaking gimmick! how about let me having two app on the screen at the same time?
    like on the top screen, i watching streaming level II quote. on the bottom screen, i can place an order just at the right moment!

  12. Love it…Why doesn't Samsung advertise this more, nobody cares about that S voice that's been around for years! This Pop Up play is ground breaking and should be advertised more! …other than that THIS IS NEXT PHONE!

  13. Useless like other features
    N if ur doing something n watching vedio e.g u wanna read a mail how d hell r u suppose to read.
    One more useless thing that stay wtf z use of that if u even reading pdf or web page u r supposed to scroll aren't u.
    S voice u should go n turn on that s/w to use it, its in s2 too.
    The only advantage is battery life, n for some people memory

  14. Yep – Pop-up Play will let you multi-task the hell out of your S3. Will be interesting to see how well the video keeps playing when you're doing lots of other processor-heavy stuff. We'll be testing that when we get one in soon.

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