20 Coolest Gadgets Every Man Will Love

20 Coolest Gadgets Every Man Will Love

What are the final results of today’s gadgets? Well, for Space lovers, there’s a chance to build their own international spaceship …


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  1. I'll just use my regular watches tyvm. Then I can't get followed by anyone, like google or Apple, when I go out πŸ˜†

  2. Um I'm tired of hearing about bottle openers, who freaking cares, it's not a life changing feature. Any man worth his salt can open a bottle without a freaking opener, I can't even remember the last time I used a bottle openers

  3. Most of these are just novelty items. Btw a multi tool hatchet is one of the worst things you can purchase. I would know from experience. Just keep things simple.

  4. 0:32 Helpful tip I learned about thermoses.
    Thermoses meant to keep things hot, can hold temperature better than thermoses meant to keep things cold.
    So if you use a hot thermos to keep something cold, it will stay cold longer than if you use a cold thermos.

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