Testing AMAZON KITCHEN GADGETS for SUMMER… what's actually worth buying??

Testing AMAZON KITCHEN GADGETS for SUMMER... what's actually worth buying??

iced coffee in 60 seconds, and another ice cream machine that also makes gelato?! SIGN ME UP SUBSCRIBE!


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  1. I'm seriously wondering if watering down the jello would make it less…odd textured. Like, it's supposed to be less drippy, which I get is a great idea, but the texture is terrible, imo. Pudding works well, though, for future reference. Does make me wonder if a creamier version of jello would work better somehow.

  2. The ninja creamy is especially good for people like Rachel who have dietary restrictions because like for whatever reason even if there are no nut ingredients in an ice cream they may have been made in a facility with nuts and you still can’t eat that ice cream and that sucks and if you make your ice cream at home you don’t have to worry about that I know you can have whatever the fuck flavor ice cream you want instead of being box into the sucky bucks ice cream because that’s the only brand that’s not made in a nut facility Or insert other dietary concern here

  3. Is it bad that I just watched this with me knowing I wouldn't test any of it . But still enjoyed watching bc i just like watching all yr vids. Btw I will not make or use anything bc ice cream is well not really my thing . Although I just starting to love a ice coffee with vanilla ice in it (frappe chino ore smt like that) so maybe it's a start lol. Either way love the vid again the waterballon was gold 😂

  4. I absolutely LOVE my Hyper Chiller but I don't use it to expect an ice cold drink straight from it. I let it cool for the minute sometimes less and then pour in cup, make my drink and add ice and it's perfect EVERY time NO dilution.

  5. Ohmygoodness, the ice cream machine!!! SO good. The drink chiller too. Love it. Hot as heck here in Boston, just came off a 10 day heatwave…..is it fall yet?!? Stay safe and well!

  6. Fun and entertaining.

    Although I’m slightly confused, because “Gelato” simply means “Ice cream” in Italian.

    lol…best wishes!

  7. I would like to point out the Ninja ice cream maker has a 15% coupon for August rn. On their website. Because…I immediately went looking for it. Dammit…

  8. Well I hope you’re happy. I’m about to order a ninja ice cream maker now. I’ll be sending my husband to you when he questions my random large purchase 😂

  9. As far as the iced coffee…you don’t have to dilute it with normal water ice cubes. Make coffee, let it cool and then put into an ice tray in the freezer until frozen. Use coffee cubes when you make iced coffee. Tada! lol

  10. for the hyperchiller you have to swirl the cup girl! also I think you should have it brew into a different cup and then pour it because with time as the coffee is being poured as its brewing you are melting the ice. to make it more efficient brew in another cupe then pour in, then swirl!

  11. I highly recommend that you make coffee ice cubes for your iced coffee, won't water it down. I also do iced tea and lemonade cubes, ups your iced drink game

  12. I can't even use cans anymore. I saw someone have to get a worm out of their lip cause they drank out of a can cause cans aren't sanitary 🤢

  13. I love the dnd vibe check top your husband is wearing.. definitely the appropriate vibes for when you are checking the vibes of kitchen equipment

  14. I work for a hotel and we do ice sculptures every year. Clear ice is actually the hardest “color” too makes. The clear requires constant attention and stirring to release air out of the water in order to keep the water clear as the water freezes. Complicated lol

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