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  1. the T series of oneplus has always been a very strange phone for people to buy. it's supposed to be an upgrade from it's flagship phone released 6months+ after the flagship was released, but not supposed to be better than the pro version of the flagship that was released together with it's base model. so in this case, better than the 10, but worse than the 10 pro.

    the price point however, makes no sense as other flagships like samsung s21 and it's FE lineup by then, are usually much MUCH cheaper, which is why it makes no sense to buy these phones.

    as for identity, i dont think buttons, frames and shapes are part of the identity, but more towards design,cost and functionality. the Iphone is the best example here actually, as they went away from a square frame in the iphone4, and then now back to the iphone4 square frame.

    instead think of it this way, the lesser buttons phones are going to have, the more unlikely that a handicapped person would be able to use it. also yes, everything can be done via software now but what happens when the software is broken? you need buttons to fix that and force a restart or at least enter diagnostic. so basically removing all buttons is removing functionality and accessibility as you need to actually enter your phone to use it. emergency wise, this isn't wise either. the LED indicators on andriod were popular for a reason.

    anyway the way oneplus is pricing themselves, it just makes no sense to buy their phones anymore. you might as well get an oppo, samsung or apple's iphone.

    why buy one plus phones at the same pricepoint as samsung s/galaxy series or the iphone when the iphone/samsung gives you better features + specs at the same price

  2. I'm just here for the million dollar bet baby, 5 years in Apples time is ambitious haha I'm willing to take on that bet. Great video as always, keep it up

  3. Still rocking my prehistoric OnePlus 3T, but will likely finally upgrade to the Zenfone 9. It's sad to see the removal of the alert slider. It's such a simple feature, but I use it everyday.

  4. My favorite thing about OnePlus is the alert slider, fast charging and almost stock Android.. was hoping to update my phone but I guess I'll hold on to the OnePlus 8pro.

    OnePlus 8pro.. Probably the best one they came out with. Big crisp screen, wireless charging, 120hz, and camera is actually pretty good

  5. Everyone should talk about the Display issues Oneplus 8 , 8T and 8pro users are experiencing after the end of their warranty period

  6. Nice review. I have a 6t and it's great, however I really don't like the slider. Would be good if you hand answered does it get hot. Asked Oneplus if they had fixed the perceived brittleness of their phone.

  7. when oppo bought oneplus, we lose it, i got oneplus 9 pro the last year, im suffering from ram usage; lot of software bugs, i feel like i got old samsung a6 2016, not a new flagship phone, im sure that oppo is the reason for the dead of oneplus

  8. This is why I love Marquez, he is no ass licker. Just Imagine the iPhone without an alert slider. Nothing phone take note to add one to your next phone

  9. Man any company that makes a phone that lacks a feature that they themselves claim well u can still get that feature by 3rd party software, consumers, especially tech reviewers, keep in mind are going to call u the company out, bcuz keep in mind. If they can get that 3rd party software elsewhere what makes a certain company's phone unique if they can just get other phones and other software elsewhere to support that? 🤔

  10. I was one of the early invitees for the OnePlus One. That phone was amazing and held it’s own for years against newer competitors. I had not been that thoroughly impressed with a phone again until the Pixel 6

  11. Don't be a fan of the company, be a fan of the product but in reality, one has to be familiar with and like to company in order to purchase the product.

  12. They quit alert slider because they still need to manufacture same oppo phone in same factory with different name those once the idiots are always the idiots

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