Supercars on the streets – Welcome back to another London supercar spotting video!

Enjoy the video!

Bugatti Veyron, Ferrari SF90 Stradale, 488 Pista, 812 superfast, Lamborghini Aventador SVJ, Porsche GT2RS, 918 Spyder,…

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  1. Theyre expensive. useless. inefficient. wasteful
    dirty and noisy. Theyre ostentatious and gaudy
    and not particularly easy to live with. Some of them
    are frightening. Many are hard to drive. Most are
    hard to even see out of. But boy do we love them
    – we love them with our very souls. Supercars.
    The purest and most extreme expression of
    automotive performance there is. trundling around
    the roads and revving their engines and raising a
    single finger to automotive political correctness
    everywhere. Long may it continue

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  3. Loving the Blue over tan Veyron! And looking forwards to your next video, even saw you filming on Sunday ๐Ÿ˜‚. Bound to be a great video, especially with the cars that came out!

  4. I was curious what people drive in London because it seems like you mostly show Lambos, so I kept track. I certainly could have missed something, but I show around 66 cars in this video and 27 were Ferraris ( about 41%). There were 14 Lambos and 25 Other (the majority of these seem to be Porsche). I know this is fairly useless info. that doesn't really mean anything of course…

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