Eye Exams in VR Are the Future (And I Tried It!)

Eye Exams in VR Are the Future (And I Tried It!)

Heru is a new vision health care platform looking to transform the eye exam with Augmented Reality glasses and VR headsets.


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  1. Just to clarify, a visual field tester, color vision testing, dark adaptation, and contrast sensitivity testing is NOT a comprehensive eye exam. In it's current form, I can see it being used adjunctively in an office setting to replace one or two other pieces of specialized testing equipment, but not to replace a physical exam. As an Optometrist who enjoys technology and gadgets, I hope it continues to progress. It's just not there yet.

  2. I'll wear a pair. Options I eventually want when I buy a pair of 'digital' glasses: 360 vision mode, infrared and thermal vision, teraherz vision (see thru objects) and super zoom…. 😆

  3. I cannot wait for this to come to my eye doc! I've done a demo of Magic Leap's first headset and know that ML2 is going to be all that much better. Technology is amazing.

  4. It could reduce human errors and prevent fraudulent record keeping from the likes of Optical Express. I'd sooner trust a closed automated system than an easily manipulated human input.

  5. This is great, my wife is an eye doctor and it’s so hard giving me my eye exam, not to mention my sons! Tracking technology along with keeping the eyes centered for a blinker like me would probably make my eye exam so short contrary to what it is now. I’m really excited for AR contact lenses! Glasses are heavy for me and I feel like I’m in a fishbowl so contacts are my preference. As soon as there are AR contacts, I will be in line! As soon as someone’s got AR glasses, I’ll be the first to be in line to try those too! I’ll wear them over my contacts! 😄

  6. What a time to be alive! The last half of this video made me so freaking excited as a legally blind person for what the future may hold for me and for us

  7. The one you were stumped on doesn't even look like it has a number in it lol. Starred at it for a minute n still have no idea what it is

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