SMARTPHONE – YENA [Music Bank] | KBS WORLD TV 220805

SMARTPHONE - YENA [Music Bank] | KBS WORLD TV 220805

MusicBank #뮤직뱅크 #ミュージックバンク #音乐银行 #Wonyoung #Sunghoon Fri 17:00 | Re-run : Sun 04:30, 12:40 (Seoul, …


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  1. イェナのパフォーマンスにはいつも沢山の力をもらっています。いつも本当にありがとう!!私も頑張るね

  2. did i just stan a perfect soloist??
    the visual? the rapper? the main vocal? the main dancer of her very own self??? i'm so proud of you, yena. show the world what you got! i'm glad i stan a perfect soloist

  3. Yena can sing, dance, rap and she's a visual goddess. She's the most multi talented idol this generation!

    Yes this was copied from the spammer youtuber with many likes who wants to direct traffic to his channel using the same comment for every other popular artists' videos. Not a true Kpop fan unfortunately.

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