Virtual reality helps doctors separate conjoined twins | DW News

Virtual reality helps doctors separate conjoined twins | DW News

Twin brothers who were conjoined at the head have successfully been separated by doctors in Brazil. The landmark surgery used …


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  1. Kudos to the Kashmir born UK based paediatric neurosurgeon Dr Noor Owais Jeelani and team who performed such rare and risky surgery where brain was fused with common vital veins…..
    It's looking a miracle in the contemporary medical World

  2. Faith is not what one seeks in their medical personnel. And that Brazil lacked sufficiently talented surgeons within it's borders to perform the operation, is a likely not unrelated shortcoming.

  3. It will be extremely interesting to follow this story and find out how this miracle surgery was performed. The fact that their brains were fused must have made it very difficult and impossible to know what the final outcome would be.

  4. I get that separating conjoined twins is complicated, but a cleft palate surgery is routine and straight forward. Why didn't they fix the kid's palate when he was still a baby, and save him so much trouble feeding and learning to talk?

  5. It is so fair, you know, when science and technology achievements of humanity are used to cure, unlike, for example, nuclear bomb or weapons

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