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  1. Can you please post your parts links. The ones in description are dead. I would like to build a long range long endurance sub 250g with dji fpv.

  2. Ive been flying freestyle drones for 2 years and haven't found the need to put a go pro on it yet. Still can't figuere out why the fuck you guys think its fun to fly a couple miles from yourself. I have an incredibly hard time finding mine in a park.

  3. I'm new to this community, I already have the protek 35 but for my next buy or build what receiver does the drone need to have to be compatible with the dji controller?

  4. It's not capable of landing? Battery life and gravity have combined forces to disagree. If you just let it fly, it will land whether you want it to or not. Landing is the ONLY mandatory part of EVERY FLIGHT. LMFAO!

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