Best Budget 5G Smartphones (Summer 2022)

Best Budget 5G Smartphones (Summer 2022)

Reviewing the best budget Android 5G smartphones in the UK in 2022, boasting my favourite cameras, strong gaming …


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  1. Among these I would choose samsung for updates,moto for pure Android experience as pixel 6a is overpriced,Xiaomi phones for battery and fast charging,Nothing phone 1 for the most balanced experience….good camera,good battery even supports wireless charging in that price pretty handy ngl,3 years of promised updates and we know they are working on it as they have given quite a few since their launch,kind of natural Android experience,778g+ is a great chipset with lot of power and improves on last year's already great 778g chipset,lights that will be a great party trick 😆 I would suggest everyone to buy it ngl that design and what it offers is really great for that price

  2. i dont need a phone rn but i watch for your jokes and new beautiful anime wallpapers and some info on these new phones 😌

  3. I had the remi … worse phone I’ve ever had , froze every 10 mins , games barley worked the camera just stopped working it was awful anyway so just sent it back

  4. where was this video a week ago when i couldn't decide what phone to get. it's fine i forgive it, the pixel 6a is a banger of a phone. i am certainly very happy

  5. I need a repository of your wallpapers man, that Spice and Wolf one looks cute as hell.

    By the way, I'm on the Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G, the only downside is that it can get toasty, but it's a really strong workhorse.

  6. How do these compare to an older flagship bought refurbished or used? Could be an interesting video? I've just bought an open box Xiaomi MI 10T pro for £195. It seems to surpass all the phones spoken about here. It will also run out of updates quicker so thats something that may bother some?

  7. I'm not really interested in buying new phones yet, both my Poco X3 pro & Redmi note 9 (UK variants) have so far satisfied my needs, also my Redmi note 9 just updated to MIUI 13 today along side his little brother Poco X3 pro (which updated to MIUI 13 a while ago), I was shocked when I saw the update being offered to me on Redmi note 9 though.

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