Top 5 Best Gadgets (August 2022)

Top 5 Best Gadgets (August 2022)

In Marvel Strike Force, create your own S.T.R.I.K.E. Teams with heroes and villains across the Marvel Universe in this …


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  1. sorry to break it to you but Lola never used to be the best brawler in the game, even when she was added for the first time she could get countered by squeak very wisely and by some other brawlers

  2. Hi, cryingman. I found a Korean channel of yours, and it gave me a much better idea of how much you put your effort on your videos for everyone. Health always come first; don’t get stressed out. Love from Korea 🇰🇷

  3. How to made surge squeak and crow 2nd gadgets useless

    Crow nerf 5s-3.75s

    Surge nerf 3hits extra-1hit extra
    Surge 2nd nerf 80%shild-65%shield

    Squeak nerf smaller area
    Now squeak can't hits enemies with his 2nd gadget

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