Best Mid-Range Smartphones (Summer 2022) | Top 10 Reviewed!

Best Mid-Range Smartphones (Summer 2022) | Top 10 Reviewed!

Reviewing the best mid-range Android smartphones of Summer 2022 with the best camera tech, gaming performance and more, …


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  2. Pretty funny way to do a sum up, it's like you don't give a fuck, so much slang I can imagine a lot of the audience across the pond might not understand. You could really take the word salad to a new level by using some brand new lingo like "bussin" (good) "cap" (bad) and "on god" as an emphasis for trusting you.
    Had fun and learned a thing or two. cheers

  3. Could you also mention the repairability score (perhaps from PBKreviews) and whether they allow bootloader unlocking for each phone? Some of the phones are more likely to end up being an e-waste much quicker than others

  4. In order to save the economy, everyone must go out and buy a $1500 folding phone and sign up for 10 streaming services. Get a $6 coffee every morning in your new ev, throw away all your perfectly good hd tv’s and buy bigger 8k tv’s… that’s really what these companies are betting

  5. Hi, I am looking for the best phone for less that £180, but decent at gaming and a decent camera. Could you let me know what's best.

  6. Spurt, fantastic video as always. I'm glad you're including the Realme in the comparison. I was recently looking to replace my LG Velvet 5G. Went back and forth with the Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE and the Realme GT Master Edition. I tried a Xiaomi 11T. That phone is highly underrated and I'd easily recommend it for this category. Turns out the Velvet was still under warranty so new phone for me….yet.

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