Spider-Man Remastered PC Performance Review – PC vs PS5 vs Steam Deck

Spider-Man Remastered PC Performance Review - PC vs PS5 vs Steam Deck

The anticipated Spider-Man Remastered PC release is almost here and we got the chance to test it on PC, PS5, and SteamDeck.


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  1. Will you be playing for the first time on PC or the 50th? Regardless, let us know if you'll be taking a peek!

  2. Its funny how sony is better at porting games to pc compared to multiplat devs that are supposed to be developing for pc! Fsr 2.0 and dlss at launch!

  3. On PS5 can’t you only have ray tracing capped at 30FPS? Max settings on PC surely has 60FPS while having the fidelity graphical advancement from PS5.

  4. Marvel's Spider-Man is great even on a PS4 slim 🕷️🕸️ not only the graphics, but also the combat system, the story, the difficulty level, etc.
    On PS5 and PC it looks amazing.

  5. Did you enable Resizable BAR on PC? Surprises me PS5 works at a steady 60 but PC doesn't… As always I'll play it on my RTX 3070 and I'll reach +100fps but whatever…

  6. PS5 is benchmarking incredibly well for its price point here, it's crazy to think that a machine that costs £349 is keeping up with a PC build that costs over £1900. The massive performance gap we had in prior generations is closing and that's going to be great for the industry so long as the Switch, PS4 and Xbox One don't undermine the hardware buff.

  7. I'll buy the PC version if we can choose the original model for Peter Parker. The one they changed it to made him too young and ruined the veteran Spiderman feel for me.

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