Apple Watch Series 3 unboxing video

Apple Watch Series 3 unboxing video

Ahead of our full review next week, we have an Apple Watch Series 3 unboxing video for you. Join Gareth from TechRadar to find …


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  1. This is an ideal watch , love it.⌚⌚>り BIG FLAW!! The charging system sucks. You have to fight with it for hours and then when you think you’ve finally got it, it’s not charging. My friend has a versa 2 ( not special addition) the back is shaped differently and it works on the same charger with just a little accuracy.

  2. Thanks for the informative video! Found out my 'like new' Apple watch from Amazon was not only missing the charging cable, but the AC Adapter as well.

  3. Another piece of over hyped, over prices mediocre tech from the world richest rip off merchants, well done apple, you are still polishing turds successfully

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