Top 10 Luxury Helicopters for Business or Private Use (Best and Newest Models)

The ultimate freedom of travelling around the world is achieved by flying a business jet, but what about all the other times when billionaires get stuck in traffic just like the rest of us. Well, the true VIP levels of luxury could be only achieved by hopping over highways and landing wherever you please in a personal helicopter. In this video we will be exploring the most exclusive aircraft of today that are usually used only by the presidents, royalty, moguls and other members of the top 1 percent of the top 1 percent of richest people in the world.

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Bell 429:

Developed in cooperation with Korea Aerospace Industries, Bell 429 twin-engine helicopter was initially planned to be used for emergency medical services. For this reason, the model features an all-new Modular Affordable Product Line airframe design and has a stretched cabin that also makes it perfect for corporate and private application.

Bell 525 Relentless:

Bell 525 Relentless has been under development since 2012, and despite many early complications, including a prototype crash that killed two of its pilots, the aircraft is now 90% ready for production.

Airbus H145 & & ACH145:

Previously known as the EC145, this model has been in service since 2002, receiving several modifications and updates along the way. Since 2011, H145 has been offered in a luxury iteration for the business market, that later became one of the first model of Airbus Corporate Helicopters division.

Leonardo AW139:

Leonardo AW139 was developed jointly by AgustaWestland and Bell Helicopters, entering service back in 2003. The model became one of the brand’s most successful and influential products, and after Agusta was acquired by Leonardo S.p.A., it was rebranded under the new ownership.

Airbus H175 & ACH175:

Airbus H175 entered service in 2014 as a multi-purpose aircraft for various missions, including public services, rescue operations, emergency medical services and VIP transportation. For the premium market, the H175 is offered under ACH designation, that gets a few special cabin layouts with 6 to 12 seats and offers panoramic windows with electrochromatic dimming feature for all passengers.

Airbus ACH130 Aston Martin Edition:

A constant search for new ways to reinvent its brand brought Aston Martin Lagonda into with Airbus Corporate Helicopters. The team up resulted in a four interior and exterior designs for the ACH 130.

Sikorsky S-76:

For more than three decades, the S-76 has been setting up the benchmark of excellence for personal luxury transportation backed up by more than 7 million flight hours. The 76D is its latest configuration powered by the new PW210S twin turbines.

Sikorsky S-92:

The Sikorsky S-92 is a twin-engine medium-lift helicopter developed from the Sikorsky S-70 for the military and civil aviation use. It has an aluminum airframe with some composite components.

Leonardo AW609:

The Leonardo AW609 tiltrotor aircraft is in a league of its own, exploring the new concept of VIP air travel that possesses speed, range and altitude of a fixed-wing turboprop airplane and the vertical take-off and landing versatility of a helicopter.

Airbus H160 & ACH160:

This Airbus medium utility helicopter received its flight certification in July 2020, so in the nearest future both the regular and ACH luxury versions of the craft should start customer deliveries. The Airbus H160 gets two Safran Arrano powerplants that generate up to 1300 horsepower and propel it to the 155 knots max cruise speed.

Bell Nexus:

The rapid emergence of passenger quadcopters is forcing even the biggest players of the VTOL game to start paying attention. In case of Bell, by 2023 they are planning to begin testing an entire Nexus family of aircraft.


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  1. Would it be an idea, to create a aircraft with both a running engine, a battery and electric propulsion, now we have an electric long range hybrid. Simply the engine runs like apowerplant, feeding batttery and propulsion at the same time. the engine does not run at full capacity which saves fuel, its only function is to suply electricity.

  2. …i still dont understand why the helicopters needs a tapered nose.. there is no technical advantage to this design considering they are only able to travel less than 200mph.. this nose design impedes pilot's view specifically during landing & hovering.. this nose design is mostly applicable to private jets as they travel in excess of 600mph… the best helicopter design are those with clear dome under the pilot view.. this helps a lot during landing and hovering..

  3. …helicopters are an old technology, as introduced by sikorsky in 1946.. no significant improvements on the design have been introduced as of late.. this is already due for an upgrade.. enter multi rotor hovering VTOL.. they dont need an experienced helicopter pilot since everything is automatic.. take off and landings are smooth & seamless, even without pilots.. it can hold altitudes as long as there is charge.. its quiet and very comfortable.. with the development of denser battery capacity, they will become the next generation of helicopters for business and short travels.. the helicopter business will get a shakedown as they will become irrelevant very soon..

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