Android 13 Hands-On: Top 5 Features!

The 5 best features in the newest Android 13 Update! That shirt! The dbrand Something skin: …


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  1. Wow I can't believe he waited for the time in the thumbnail lmao mad respect between this and ur short with the 69% battery lvl😂

  2. Android updates nowadays kinda hyped me up but failed to live up to the expectation when I actually got it. Material You was awesome when revealed, but was an okay experience of using. Idk if that's just me getting used to Android or what. I still love my Pixel though

  3. Am an Iphone enthusiast but to be honest if am to use an android that is the Pixel phone for me because of the GrapheneOS it uses. It is the most secure operating system on an android phone.

  4. I used to be a hardcore android fan, always buying google phones or rooting my non google phones to be able to install a recovery to start installing custom roms which had the latest android version.

    I'm no longer with android, join the apple sheep 4 years ago because I'm a web dev so I mostly use macOS and the apple integration is fairly better than any Android, still miss the android ecosystem but damn for me it's a letdown having that much fragmentation :c

  5. I got used to with Apple to already has that language feature and I swear it’s so freaking useful. Specially in Europe where everyone speaks multiple languages and it’s not uncommon to live abroad, it’s incredibly useful to have that feature. Super glad Android has it now!

  6. I was on android 10 till last week because I never knew I could update it. I went from android 10 to 12 over night.

  7. I'm on a Note 20 Ultra… And to be honest. I'm more excited in what Samsung is going to bring in it's new One UI update than what google is doing on stock Android. Samsung's UI is, in my opinion, far more superior to what google is doing to it's pixel.

  8. In general, the increasingly improving voice to text options have completely change the way I interact with my phone. The pixel Line has always had the best voice to text features, Gboard in general is OK, but the specific pixel ” faster typing” has always been impressive. Now that Apple has a better voice to text option, I would be curious to see your thoughts on comparing all of the devices now including Pixels, Samsungs, Apple and general androids etc. Thoughts?

  9. Almost all of these were copied from Apple (seems like it’s usually the other way around). So glad to see both companies keeping up with each other by mirroring their best features

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