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  1. I need this I could first off play Pavlov hopefully hold him like a Nerf gun or an airsoft gun so I can just simply use an airsoft gun as a virtual stock or I could hold like a light saber hell when I’m playing a sword fighting game I hope

  2. You already look professional enough, you have the charisma to make me work for you. Smiling at the camera a little will make a huge difference in your vibe

  3. I was about to ask if you had a Patreon; you may not feel like you deserve to charge people money, but you definitely deserve compensation for your hard work, dedication, time, and energy into making these. It's incredibly impressive what you've made so far, both with the software program and the gloves themselves, and the fact that you're working on improvements only makes me more hyped to see the final version when it's ready. I hope companies have their eyes on you and beg you to teach them your ways.

  4. A cheaper replacement for the Oculus controller, in-order to get the position of the hands, would be using something like a MPU 6050 or some IC Gyroscope/accelerometer. Those are generally 5 to 11ish dollars each. In addition, here is maybe an overkill thought, but have you thought about applying the same method for a full body motion-capture suit?

  5. BTW I think everyone would buy your gloves. I'm not to lazy to make your gloves I just don't know how.
    I think your going to be very successful at anything you choose to do.

  6. You are amazing. This is way out of my league . I'm 67 and don't think I can pick this up now at my age but I would love to buy these gloves and I have Oculus VR would they be compatible? Do you think it would be possible at some point soon to buy a pair? Please let me know how this is going to me this is just mind blowing I'm so impressed with you.

  7. how tf is he doing this and i struggle to find wiimotes to use for vr, if anyone knows im trying to find like any pair of cheap controllers for vr

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