10 Moments That Rapidly Accelerated MMA

10 Moments That Rapidly Accelerated MMA

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  1. They really need to fix their gaming division. Ufc 4 has been extremely lame with it basically being a Reskin of UFC 3. They need to announce new modes, subtle details which we as fans see in fighting and features in order to break into the mainstream even further and have a reach.

  2. Watching UFC in 2020 with no crowd where you basically heard every single strike, every single sound the fighters would make along with the insults is one of my fondest memories of 2020. It was such a blast, plus Fight Island was something different too.

  3. I joined Twitter specifically to talk MMA when my boys weren't able to come over and watch the fights. I use it for more than that now but that was the motivator 4 or 5 years ago.

  4. Street Fighter 2 got me into UFC 1, still waiting for "Blanka" and "Dhalsim" to make it big in MMA. I had to laugh when he said "corn nuts and modelo especial" it's still better than a Guinness from across the pond! 😁

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