iPhone 8 Plus unboxing video

iPhone 8 Plus unboxing video

The iPhone 8 plus isn’t even in stores yet, however we have an unboxing video for you ahead of the full review next week.


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  1. Is it just me, Or did anyone else find this video really pointless….. Who really cares about seeing what's in the box…. If you've had an iPhone before you know it's all the same stuff every year…..And if you haven't had an iPhone you could just go to Apple's website & it tell you there…..

  2. Never understood men that go with the rose gold. Space Gray, silver or beat it. Unless you're Persian. They love that rose gold horse shit.

  3. Very bland unboxing. You could've shown the phone from various close angles to show how the phone changes colour hues depending on the reflection.

  4. I ordered mine on the 17th hopefully getting it on the 26th or 27th. Always had the 4.7 inch display so this is a big upgrade for me. super excited to get my hands on this.

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