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  1. VR adds so much. One of the coolest things is true dual wielding. If you hear enemies coming from two different doorways you can point one of your guns at each doorway and just wait, wheras in a flat game you would be stuck pointing at one spot with both weapons. Or in Skyrim VR (which admittedly doesn't have the best sword physics) I would hold my shield up with my left hand and stab out with my right, ancient Roman-style, and it worked! Firing bows and arrows also felt great in that game.

    I also love the sense of scale that VR provides. The moment that sold me was very early on, during the opening sequence for Rigs Mechanised Combat League (a mech-based sports game) where one of the mechs leaps right over the head of the player in full 1:1 scale. I instantly became a true believer in that moment and haven't looked back. Can't wait for PSVR2!

  2. I totally feel you about Alien Isolation. I get anxious and paralyzed in the standard version even. I am too old for that kind of games, although I love them

  3. VR is fun, but it's also physically exhausting if you play it for a long time, so I frequently take breaks that last for days before I go back to playing Onward or Blade and sorcery. So I play pancake mode games way more often. VR won't replace traditional gaming,but it's a cool option to have. Most major developers don't really care about VR currently anyway. It's currently overwhelmingly populated by games that feel like mobile games that are only interesting BECAUSE it's a VR experience.

  4. Awesome video!!👍🏻 I play most of VR on psvr1 because of the comfort of the headset.I play Skyrim,no man sky,saints&sinners.VR is so awesome.the valve index and hl alyx is so great! If u didn’t try VR is suggest to try it,play standing,helps whit motion sickness.the psvr2 looks promising.I only play in VR now. Can’t wait for the futur of gaming.

  5. When people ask me what VR is like I tell them, it's like a flat screen game, but you're standing in the middle of it… while I look around. I have hooked SO many people on VR over the years. It really IS a game changer, no pun intended. People mention how silly you look with "that thing on your face", and I tell them "after being in there for 5 seconds, you won't care how silly you look."

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