The New Electric Porsche is Here…

The Porsche Taycan GTS Sport Turismo is Porsche’s latest electric car. Can the Sport Turismo make wagons cool? Sponsored by …


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  1. The new hot shit is those wheels that are electric. So you just buy the whole wheel but the rim is actually an electric motor, so you put them on your vehicle & you can drive on gas or just hit a button & go all electric.

  2. I use my horn almost everyday. It sucks, but my car is small and black… Was thinking of installing a train horn🤣 Would be insane to see a lil 1 series w/ a train horn ha ha:)

  3. The question for you Lou. Is it considered a wagon or is it considered a flying spur design? Is this something that's up to conjecture, or is it an established fact by Porsche themselves.

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