Game Scoop! 692: Our Most Anticipated 2023 Games

Game Scoop! 692: Our Most Anticipated 2023 Games

Welcome back to IGN Game Scoop!, the ONLY video game podcast! This week your Omega Cops — Daemon Hatfield, Sam …


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  1. My biggest issue with Return to Monkey Island is I just can't get around the graphics. I just really don't like it and it puts me off from playing it, granted I also haven't played monkey island games since when they originally came out on PC back in the day.

  2. Another great Scoop! A new Zelda is always an event. Also looking forward to Hogwarts, I’m optimistic that it will really feel like it belongs in the Harry Potter canon. Really just depends on if the writing is anywhere near as good as the source material. I do miss the days of knowing nothing about the authors of my favorite stories, most notably their opinions over social issues 🙁 . The best thing a burgeoning creative mind can do these days is stay off of social media, let your personality be a mystery and speak through your work.

  3. Glad to hear Mark enjoyed his time with Sparks of Hope so much! Lots of great games coming out for Switch in October, but this one is definitely the one I’m looking forward to the most!

  4. Potion Permit isn't shovelware, it's a totally respectable RPG adventure with a mid-70 score on metacritic. From what I've played I could see Justin loving it, actually.
    Not a 10/10 game but a huge disservice to the devs to lump it in the 'seal of quantity' section.

  5. What in God’s name are you watching Sam? Andor was a three episode beginning that could have been edited down to one or two, but it’s probably going to be a lot better than the other garbage like Kenobi. Then there’s House of the Dragon which is good. That’s it. She-Hulk was ruined and Rings of power is not supposed to be a comedy, yet there it is making everyone laugh when it’s not putting people to sleep. Television is not good right now in general unfortunately, so it’s surprising to hear someone say they’re watching a lot of it 👀

  6. Great episode! This is one of my favorite podcasts for many reasons! I actually just finished completing Links Awakening 30 minutes before I started listening to this today haha

  7. I separate my favorites into top 3’s per console. It’s easier then for me to state which would be my favorite since the machines these games ran on had so many different expectations even between the Game Boy family machines, for instance.

    Great Stuff, as always.

  8. Arkane games are all so bad, prey was okay but even then i made it about 4-5 hours into i got so bored i gabe up on it, now i tried deathloop and to be honest its even worse!

  9. Zelda is not competing with Starfield. Two different audiences on different platforms and lastly, Bethesda proper did not make fallout 76.

  10. Never played return to monkey Island but I like what the creators said in regards to graphics. Many who are fans of the series said that the pixel art was a staple of the series but he was kind enough to point out PixelArt was not a staple of the series it was instead a necessity back in the day because PixelArt was all they had. it turns out back in the 90s that’s all you could do video game technology if he could’ve done more graphically speaking back then he says he would have but today when things have changed so much graphically it appears his dream what he wants the game to look like and we realized. I just feel bad one some try and tie the cities to pixel art when they Siri creator himself says that wasn’t his vision all along that was just where he had to start out.

  11. Star Trek Resurgence doesn't have a release date, but presumably is coming next year.
    Exactly why I stopped gaming on PC, my PC couldn't run new games and I've never gone back since starting gaming on consoles.

  12. The new Zelda honestly looks lackluster, botw was a letdown. Honestly don't see the hype but since my switch is getting dust since dread might as well check it out after reviews.

  13. Owww, they went bigbrain on you Daemon. Having a ridiculous name, they got your attention. While other known games, normal ones, don't get any attention.
    Picross S8 is almost upon us!

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