iPhone 4S VS Galaxy Nexus: Best Smartphone Test

iPhone 4S VS Galaxy Nexus: Best Smartphone Test

iPhone 4S VS Galaxy Nexus: Best Smartphone Test. Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or Apple iOS 5? We compare 2 of the best …


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  1. Iphone is for imoron & istupid, it just works – square apps. floating the screen.
    GALAXY NEXUS – SUPER AMOLED HD 720p screen – 4.65 is for people using their brain as it has the BEST CUSTOMIZATION & REAL AND COMPLETE MULTITASKING…

  2. Apple has nothing on the Galaxy Nexus. I don't know what planet you live on but the GN annihilates the iPhone 4S in pretty much all categories. There are way too many videos on YouTube that show just that. Apple needs a major overhaul for the iPhone. Ppl were really looking forward to the iphone5 (me included) but apple whored us out with the "4S". What a joke.

  3. @chonkyfire777 The whole idea of the Nexus range is the Pure Android experience.
    I have found there is a lot to like and dislike with overlays, with HTC Sense being IMHO the best and Motorola one of the worst. All in all a Marmite factor with added complications of waiting for OS updates from manufacturers.
    Google's Nexus range will be first to the table every time and for once this version of the Android OS doesn't need an overlay, best version yet.

  4. "We suggest you wait a few weeks to see what other brands can do to create some really novel Android overlays"

    …aaaaaaaaaaand your credibility just took a massive nose-dive.

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