The WEIRDEST Smartphones

The WEIRDEST Smartphones

Who needs iPhone 14 Pro when you got these?! WEIRDEST Products on Instagram: iPhone 14 Pro …


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  1. If he said "latest iPhone" every time instead of "iPhone 14" this video would be timeless. Until apple changes its name to something more synonymous with evil corporations from sci fi movies.

  2. i lost my gezone in a concrete pour and my boss wouldnt let me retrive it. the next day when we pulled the forms off i found the corner while parging. i dug it out with a piece of re-bar, dunked it in a bucket of water, opened it and checked my voice mail. it was nearly indestructible.

  3. Here's hoping the phone will even connect to any network.
    The changes over the last couple years have rendered a lot of cell phones useless.
    I've got some newer models and they are buggy as heck.

  4. I had the Casio command cause I always broke my phones and literally it fell off my leg sitting in a chair, hit that bottom corner/chin and the screen shattered. First time I had dropped it and it was maybe 2.5 feet off the ground.

  5. i had Nokia 5800 Xpress music until it's screen started looking like expressionist painting…also had Nokia Lumia 1020 since 2014 until a month ago when i got Huawei P50 Pro. Lumia is still working , hardwarewise , as on the day that i got it in 2014,

  6. Okay I hate apple as much as the next guy who hates apple but ur definitely smoking something good if you think the Nexbit Robin can hold up to anything 💀💀💀

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