Smartphones Killed Budget Cameras: Is Micro Four Thirds Next?

Smartphones Killed Budget Cameras: Is Micro Four Thirds Next?

Smartphones are slowly killing off more and more categories of cameras. The point and shoot was first. 1 inch sensors can barely …


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  2. Oh, ANOTHER video about the supposed death of the MFT format?

    How original lol

    MFT is here to stay for a long ass time still. The laws of physics can't be broken by any of these smartphone companies. Get over it lol


  3. Someone should make a standardised electrical connector so that a camera sensor and lens mount clip onto a phone and use the phones computational power and software with a decent sensor and lens mount. Then when you buy a new phone you could keep the sensor and lens mount assembly for the next phone. Maybe micro four thirds could be the perfect sensor size and lens mount for such a thing.

  4. TLDR smaller cameras just need to get smarter to stay relevant, as is the case with any technology.. so more focus on processing and AI instead of focusing on megapixels and stacked sensors

  5. I watched this video on a 27 inch monitor so of course the drawbacks of the phone shots were obvious. However, most people look at their pictures on a phone screen too, and the bright saturated over-sharpened images are exactly what these people like, especially when viewing them outside. And, if you take your photos on a $5,000 full frame camera and spend an hour editing them, then still most people will view them on a phone screen. Yes, probably with the phone held in portrait mode so your photo is less than 3 inches wide. That's the way of the world.

  6. M4/3 at currently price is definitely on its way to demise. People would choose Sony FX30 over M4/3 to create Steven Seagal like movies at home.

  7. A micro 4/3 camera for 500-600$ will destroy any and all smartphone cameras
    Also, if you're buying a phone just for the camera, go buy a standalone camera system for 500-600$

  8. Aren't you a bit late to the now rather cliched (and all failed) "Micro 4/3" funeral predictions? This has been featured virtually every year since the system launched with almost every new model launch … thought you were better than this!

  9. T2? Come on. Can something be in focus other than a razor thin hyper focal length. Can at least the length of the subject be in focus. I can undersand if the background sucks ass and you want to blur it out, but what is going on?

  10. Well, I have had enough of Mr. Hate. Mr. look down on everything on earth. For the few funny bits in the last year, nah, I've gotta leave here with some semblance of self respect. Have fun with the trolls.

  11. Hello,, love this video,, all that slo mo with the animals, impresionante!!
    All i have is a Gro pro 10, and i phone 12, do walking videos, i had a canon m 50 with a gimble and sold everything, to heavy,,
    Thank you for your good work,, take care ✌🏼

  12. You know what would be really cute? What if they made a Fujifilm sensor in the 1 inch realm that had a whole like of tiny cute lenses.

  13. Everyone has a smartphone (camera)in their back pocket.
    Even point and shoots dont fit in your back pocket.
    I heard that Apple or Google put 800 engineers onto the job to make smartphone cameras and software as good as they are today.

  14. Wow those super slow mos were amazing.
    I bet most smart phone users don't know they can even do this.
    But as you say the camera companies are way behind.
    Thom is always saying this for other reasons

  15. Is APS-C next
    Is Full frame next
    Are movie cameras next
    Are Hasselblad Medium format next

    Ari Flex and Red cameras
    TV studio cameras
    Youtube camera channels?

  16. Well, my new iPhone 14 Pro Max certainly isn’t perfect, much less even somewhat equal to my Canon R5 and L lenses. But, it’s shocking on just how good it is. Just do what we do with our “cameras” and shoot RAW. No, it’s not over sharpened there, particularly in the ProRaw 48MP setting. The noise there is much lower than you would expect, and the dynamic range is more than decent. The biggest problem is that there are no real interchangeable lenses.

    I give it another 3 or four years, and this conversation will be different. At that point the main camera will definitely be better than 4:3 and seriously bumping APS-C. If we can get decent zooms, it will heavily cut into 4:3 sales and even cornering lower end APS-C. The thing is that smartphone cameras and processing is advancing much faster than conventional cameras are.

    When did that Huawei come out? Is it a current phone? As far as color, contrast, etc. goes, we all know that all of that, and more is adjustable. But like any jpeg, the results will not be great. So shoot RAW on your phone and the results will be much better. I can’t speak to Android phones, but Apple ProRAW is excellent, particularly in 48MP.

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