Bonelab Review – Most Hyped VR Game Of All Time?

Bonelab Review - Most Hyped VR Game Of All Time?

I check out Bonelab! Probably the most hyped and anticpated VR game of 2022! It’s available right now on Quest 2, Rift Store and …


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  1. I am glad you did an honest review! On Meta app reviews there are A LOT of spamming/useless reviews, I have never seen so much. But good review there, and your good one, made me understand the game is good but not for me. Thanks for your good and competent content.

  2. Fun game, only VR game that has made me take some motion sickness pills to continue playing, but besides that, shorter game sessions and stay hydrated, and don't be afraid to stop when you are STARTING to feel queasy and its a fun time.

  3. They should make a fps VR game where you are in a wheelchair 😆, that would probably feel more natural, ju just use your arms to spin the wheels and use weapons. Zombiesurvival in a wheelchair!

  4. Boneworks was my favorite, but now this is a whole new level. I use a pretty high-end computer with my quest 2 and use the quest link, but it looks like just standalone will be great. I get chills playing this game because of the environment and music.

  5. I bought the game when it came out but it took to long to load so I went on a holiday to wait but the holiday went for too long so I could not play when it came out.

  6. just over 3 hours in the game. and while I would consider myself a novice when it comes to getting vr sick… the freeclimbing, freefalling and parkour sections of the game are what make the most woozy. the combat is immaculate. the music and audio is so so so satisfying. Enjoying the game SO SO SO SO SO MUCH.

  7. Thanks for your honest review. Finally someone who also points out the issues of the game. It is fun and a great experience, but actually while playing within the first hour or so, I was thinking that there would come a point where the story begins and I'd encounter some actual goal of the storyline. It was a little bit disappointing for me when that didn't happen, but it doesn't take away much from the fun of the actual gameplay.

  8. Didn't mention why it's so hyped. Yes, it's pretty awesome, but you can finish the campaign in like 5 hours, which is disappointing. It's good… But what's really exciting is what we'll have to look forward to. It's designed to support modding. I read that it's hard to get into VR development even for experienced game devs. Now, virtually anyone can create a VR game. Modders could recreate old games in it, or even make their own completely new full-length games in it. Hopefully we'll have professional-quality content in the near future. Everyone complains about how there aren't enough good games in VR. I love tons of VR games…but mostly rhythm-action games. I know what they mean; we want games with stories, action, and puzzles etc all in one package, a campaign that takes like 20 hours or more to play through, etc. This may be the answer to that.

  9. Changing the mechanics of the balls was a terrible idea imo. I left so many of them behind because I couldn't figure out why they wouldn't go into my inventory… Should have been made MUCH more clear what the new mechanic was.

  10. First game I've played that had me literally screaming in anger since I was a teenager… The jank is as real as the hype, and that's coming from someone with many many hours in Boneworks. Tons of fun, and equal amounts of anger and frustration..

  11. I was excited, but ultimately very let down. I thought this was the VR leap forward but the gun play is so crap. Id rather go back to playing pavlov for the 1 millionth time, it has better gun play and multiplayer is way more fun

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