Google Glass review

Google Glass review

Google Glass is the sci-fi looking wearable with an outrageous price that¹s only matched by its ridiculous look. But is it worth the …


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  1. The main problem with Google Glass is the fact that anyone using it looks like a mentally challenged individual. Who the fuck would use that shit in public? I mean, even the most die hard nerds would have a problem with that right?

  2. DUDE HOLY CRAP… did you do all that stuff I mean sorry but you don't sound like a person who has done all that but wow YOU GOT SOME SKILL SON

  3. Also, it would help if the designer put another lipo battery on the other side, making the device a bit my symmetrical and longer lasting. The weight penalty wouldn't be critical, about 15 grams, in other words from 40 to 55 grams.

  4. GG will be adopted by the professional field before it becomes a publicly accepted consumer good. The potential is outstanding and it can achieve goals only possible to head-mounted, hands-free devices. Price has to come down considerably. At $500 I'll give it a shot.

  5. What a biased fucking review. Glass is a complete and utter piece of shit, and for 1500 bucks it's marketed to the mentally handicapped. Go see some honest reviews of this POS and you'll see why it fails so miserably. It's hardly a working product as nothing works correctly; it crashes frequently; only an hour or so of battery life; takes ten to twenty minutes to turn on; huge loading times for pics, videos, other apps; won't turn off most of the time; won't turn off when charging and most importantly; it's just an utter piece of shit.

  6. No problem with the money. heck i could pay 5000$ for it ! but google glass is just a piece of crap ! It's one of google's epic fails ! 

    PIECE. OF. SH*T !

  7. I'm one of the very few Australians that have tried them on, within Australia, and I can honestly say they are the biggest waist of time. Looks stupid, blurry image and a total invasion of privacy for others. (You will loose friends while wearing them)

  8. most problems of google glass will be solved if google were to include a green light next to their camera in order to give a heads up when google glass is recording.

  9. I don't want to live in a world full of people wearing that on their head… Thanks google! 🙁 However, it could make good videos (sports, teaching…) but that's it i don't think it is the next big thing and i hope it's not!

  10. Google glass is a pointless pile of over priced bullshit that needs stepping one with a big size 10 uk foot then slipped in the bin google will be the death of all of us!

  11. It only cost $80. That's what jaimes rivera said on android authority.spread the word so we don't have to pay so much. Ppl dont want to pay over 1k

  12. Thanks for the revew. All im thinking is: Remember when Bill Gates released the first tablet in 2002 or something? It was revolutionary and awesome, but didnt get attention almost at all. Then Apple released the Ipad eight years later (2010?) and everyone was amazed. Thing is, just like this example with the tablet-technology,, this glass-technology isnt quite ready yet i believe. Think of what this techology will be like in eight years? It would look like normal glasses and somehow probably work as well as my Iphone. Might me an overstatement, but who knows 🙂

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