iOS 8: What we want to see

iOS 8: What we want to see

A couple of things we’d like to see in the NEXT next iOS Subscribe for more from TechRadar: Always looking to …


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  1. From all the features they said i just liked the multi window thing rest all the feature they talking about are currently present in IOS 7.1.1…

  2. Widgets are pretty hidden. Keyboards are manipulable. In app notification responding. I think that iOS 8 really hit it out of the ball park to not only please Apple fans, but Android fans as well.

  3. Just jailbreak your iPhone and you get everything that has been mentioned in this video and more. Trust me, you won't regret it. Type "jailbreak swipeselection tweak" in google. Next, "Jailbreak Prowidgets" you guys will love the benefits Prowidgets offers. 3rd Party ftw.

  4. android is way ahead, android really is what is leading the market. The question is why apple hasn't updated it technology? Because the try it out first. They want to make sure, that when they release a phone it doesn't have ay flaws and it doesn't lag contrary to android where users do sometimes experience problems. Apple want to test the interface and have a solid build. Still, android in my opinion is way better but the looks take a huge deal for me in buying a phone. The samsung galaxy isn't nice looking enough for me. So if we could have android's operating system with an iphone 5s device that would be my perfect phone. I know there the HTC one which is kinda similar but it just doesn't have enough prestige. When buying a phone you also want prestige, because now a days a phone kinda denotes your personality. So it is kind of a fashion accessory, so the brand that your phone is denotes in a way your personality. We have to admit apple has more prestige than HTC.

  5. So basically what they want, is Android OS on the iphone. So many references to all the Android nuances, with the powerplant and potential of the Apple Hardware. Apple is too arrogant boasting at how, This is why we are Apple, mentality. The whole Think Differently idea is so past its time and needs to start falling in line. Seriously, 8 phones for apple to FINALLY get with the rest of the crowd to make a bigger screen? C'mon. Apple fought that for so long looking for every reason to justify, TELLING customers, you WANT only a 4 inch screen, instead of giving us concrete PROS for needing ONLY a 4 inch screen. the iphone was a breakthrough in smart phones and smart phone technology. It's going to fall by the wayside. (All of this coming from a Apple iPhone user for the last 4 years and 5 different iPhones)

  6. I would want to be able to make pesonal tweaks like changing the slide to unlock thingy to something at your choice or like to rename an app (Just for your iphone obviously) mybe something like a tweak store like cydia except without having to jailbreak it because it slows everything down. 

  7. the side by side apps seem like a good idea, but it just makes the screen cluttered, especially on phones and doesn't actually increase productivity.

  8. 0:33 stay with android then
    1:12 stay with android then
    2:00 stay with android then

    sounds like this guy wants to turn apple into an android. fucking no.
    if you want your iphone to have all android features just jailbreak it.
    i hate this video.

  9. If you want them to add widgets and run applications side by side, then the iphone wouldnt be the same because it would be more like an android

  10. i dont fucking want widgets and i dont want a different keyboard its perfect the way it is if u dont like than just keep using ur androids stuff!!!

  11. I dont want to see Android on iPhone … guys better buy some android phone.. hmm i mean tablet becouse android phones arent phones now and apple is gonna destroy their phone line too wth this big screen shits

  12. No, no no. Apple is trying to be independent. They shouldn't have widgets, screen by screen, or any other thing ridiculous you said in iOS8 because the Android has it. Makes no sense.

    I have much more to argue about, but forgot some of it :/

  13. If I wanted these things, I would buy an android or windows phone. Most of the things in this video are the exact things I DON'T want apple to have. It's what all of the other phones have that I hate.

  14. If Apple gets the widgets and custom key bored and shit, they will be accused for copying samsung if you like having the widgets and shit get a samsung phone.

  15. No, no, no widgets aren't that great. In my opinion, they're annoying. Apple products shouldn't be like Androids. Apple have apps to replace those widgets. The swift keyboard is convenient though. 

  16. I don't think I'd like to have widgets. I had all android before I got my iphone and widgets just annoyed me, everything on an iphone is so easy to access that you don't even need widgets.

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