Sony's New Ultra Flagship Smartphone…

The Sony Xperia PRO is one of the most capable and expensive flagship smartphones I’ve ever featured on Unbox Therapy.


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  1. If you're looking to buy a new camera like professional-grade camera this is the perfect product. Although even though I appreciate this phone camera setup as someone who's done plenty of Photography myself I can tell you that most people aren't going to have an extra 2,000 some $1 to spend on a phone just because it's also a professional-grade camera

  2. yeah content creator is growing. think about youtube content creator created so artist for like instgram etc. equipment is used by most of you guys so therefore thats where the customer is at

  3. Not to knock the Xperia pro or iii (because it can also be used as an external monitor I believe. Although there’s no HDMI connectivity) but what if you are in the middle of working (using the phone as a monitor) and you get an important phone call 🤔

  4. There is a lot of distortion from the wide angle lens you're using, which personally i don't like. I suggest using a longer lens and moving the desk a little farther.

  5. my XZ premium often gets compliments for its premium 4K video feels… and I would usually nod in reply and say
    "yep that's SONY. that's Xperia."
    😁😁😁I'D STILL CHOOSE SONY no matter what! 😁😁😁

  6. Sony is not for everybody and they have proved it many times. But still we have some kids around who are blaming Sony for battery life, Price Tag, features and comparing with Toys like iPhone, Samsung etc.
    Sony is having his own market.

  7. Don't buy a Sony Phone. I have an Xperia 1 they more or less bricked with their latest Android update release. They farm out their customer service to a call center that is powerless to help you. They want you to send in your phone to yet another farmed out repair center and THEY WILL NOT SHIP YOU A REPLACEMENT unit while your phone is out for repair. So you send your phone in and they just leave you HANGING with out anything to use. You have to buy another phone to use while you're without. AVOID SONY AT ALL COSTS. FLAG SHIP PHONE, FLAG SHIP PRICE, NORTH KOREA TIER CUSTOMER SERVICE.

  8. Sony Xperia comeback leads to Apple and Samsung downfall very quickly Sony mobile started outselling Samsung and Apple became no 1 phone brand by 2026 Apple declares bankruptcy Samsung exists mobile phones.

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