Tesla's New Product Proves They Are Not Apple

Clip from Lew Later (Apple Quietly Complies…) – https://youtu.be/6gIUmoTDuq0.


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  1. Lectron makes EV charging adapters for Teslas and non-Teslas. My husband and I bought an used 2012 Nissan Leaf after we already had a Tesla Model 3. We have Lectron's Tesla to J1772 adapter and we love it. Check out this link for more on their EV adapters: https://ev-lectron.com/collections/ev-adapters

    Also the channel State of Charge (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdX0BJNon1c6GfOdeS3pyDw) is an excellent source for EV charging info. Here's the link to his video about charging adapters: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=51JTXo8r0Xc

  2. Seeing as a lot of teslas are being traded in for gas powered or even other brand EVs, this seems relevant to sell.

    Teslas are cool but everyone else is catching up and selling EVs that are better at certain things

  3. So I have a model 3, it shows that in 2023 I’ll be able to get my charge port changed to J1772, so they are just getting ready, they are switching to CCS ports very soon

  4. Elon Must stated himself that he welcomes competition and he also admitted that he does not mind if other EV competitors overtake Tesla in the future because this promotes and accelerates the EV growth.

  5. I’m not from America, and we don’t have EVs yet in Zimbabwe but l think l understand this move…it’s for wider range for all EVs (and general uptake in adoption of EVs as the range issue becomes less of an issue).

  6. There are households with more EVs than just Teslas. I wish they had done this years ago, it would have saved me some drama…

  7. A friend of mine living in Canada just ordered a Rivian for himself and his wife drives a Model 3 model. Maybe this is for such people who have multiple different cars at home.

  8. Good for Tesla. However, like any gas/fuel station you pull into to refuel, the nozzles at any/all gas stations fit 100% of all vehicles. No conversations to be had about adapters.

    All EV charging stations should be the same.

    The EU forced Apple to move on to 100% of usbc, surely the U.S. government can get this EV charging crap under control.

    We should have 1 universal/lateral EV charger, not this proprietary ish!!!

  9. Tesla's mission isn't to just sell their cars, it's to transition the world to sustainable energy. So providing a solution to help non Tesla EVs charge at home is part of the mission.

  10. Why America doesn't just use Type2/CCS instead of these proprietary CCS derivatives confuses me..

    Also non-teslas in Europe can charge at Tesla super chargers and have been able to for almost a year now since all cars here use CCS these days and so do Tesla. Not that it is important because public charging in Europe doesn't rely on Tesla like it does in the US

  11. Great for their branding. People who use branded items (given no issues) tend to trust that brand more because they used it before.

  12. The most obvious explanation, coupled with the fact that "CCS Support" has appeared in the nav system for some Superchargers, is that Tesla is about to switch to CCS for North American vehicles. They did this in Europe already and it's inevitable it happens here.

  13. Didn’t Apple help create type C? Apple can use the term “Thunderbolt” because of old tech agreements around Usb-C. I remember when it was the ONLY outlet introduced on the MacBook way back like 2013 and people FREAKED. Most people didn’t know about usb- c or have other devices. I certainly didn’t, I had either A or micro usb. Apple actually tried to push the usb-C and was criticized heavily.

  14. He knows Combined Charging System (CCS) Combo 1 connector is build on this standard and everyone in the world use them except Tesla’s in the US, right?

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