20 Incredible OneUI Features that should come to EVERY Smartphone!

20 Incredible OneUI Features that should come to EVERY Smartphone!

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  1. One correction. Even though Galaxy M series is not meant to have such software support, we still get.
    My Galaxy M32 is already running OneUI 5.0 with Android 13, which I received about a week ago. ( about a month before scheduled date )

    For a contrast, even flagships of other brands haven't received Android 13 yet

  2. Bro UFS on S22 superb fast , i think same as physical fingerprint sensor ( that is of course without any screen protector and turning off animation)
    And I also turned on "fingerprint always on"

  3. Sam how do you get notifications toggle 4×3
    My s20plus have only 3×2 & 4×2 modification option
    I try button grid option also but idle doesn't work
    How can I get it.
    Need your help bro…

  4. Some things that weren't mentioned in the video:

    1. Multi Sound in "Sound Assistant, Good Lock"
    This is literally so good. You can watch YouTube and listen to Spotify at the same time. In other OEMs, trying to play multiple audio/videos would pause the other.

    2. Individual app volumes in "Sound Assistant, Good Lock"
    Using this you can set, let's say, YouTube's volume to 10 and blast music on Spotify at full volume. This is amazing.

    3. I can't find where it is but you can set it up to skip/play previous tracks with volume keys.

    4. Notistar in Good Lock backs up all your notifications. So in case you swipe away the wrong notification, you can go look it up on the Notistar module.

    5. Sam mentioned that we can swipe down with two fingers to open up quick settings. But with the Quickstar module in Good Lock, you can set one side of the top bar thing to open quick settings and the other side would still open notifications. It's really handy.

    6. Using Keys Cafe in Good Lock, you can add any ASCII symbol to your keyboard. You can even add quick phrases or entire sentences to a button on the Samsung Keyboard.

    One UI customization is next gen. It's crazy how much you can do.

  5. It's my first year with Samsung, love the personalization, features and screen of my galaxy a72. I really like it. They promised 3 years of software updates and today I received One UI 5 with android 13.

  6. I use the document scan all the time also the text option. Just pointing at something to extract the text is really a useful tool for me

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