How To Make Your Own Virtual Reality Games With Unity & XR

How To Make Your Own Virtual Reality Games With Unity & XR

How to start a Virtual Reality Game in 2021 that actually works! A beginner’s guide to Unity’s XR Plugin and how to start that VR …


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  1. I am using Unity 2021.3 and noticed from other tutorials, that I can only install the Interaction Toolkit by adding it by namespace, since it is not listed in the package manager (even with pre-release packages enabled).
    I was wondering if the xr.interaction.toolkit isn't a good way for developing vr maybe because it's deprecated (especially for oculus) and I should rather use some other framework (Oculus Integration or OpenXR).
    I read that for oculus development some features are not supported or may result in errors if combining Oculus Integration and the Interaction Toolkit.

    Can anybody tell me which framework is the way to go these days for Oculus Quest 2 and cross-platform development with unity?

  2. for those who still cant find the xr interaction toolkit. First open the package manager window(Window>package manager and on the top left of the window click on the + sign . proceed to select add package by name and then copy and paste (com.unity.xr.interaction.toolkit) into the designated name bar the version is optional and once downloaded can be updated therefore its not important to insert that inside too

  3. Hey, I'm having some issues on downloading unity.. I would greatly appreciate it if there was a tutorial because id hate to download the wrong thing and get a virus.

  4. Dude. I love absolutely love everything about the way you teach and your content. Super helpful. Please keep going! I'm always checking in for new videos!!!

  5. Hey Justin, I have an idea and I want to start working on it but there are some questions that I wanna ask you if you can help with them.
    1. Can I make assets and environments in 3ds Max and import them to Unity or UE4/5 ?
    2. I wanna make a VR game so can I start developing it without a headset?
    3. I wanna have custom-made AI Bots in it that play chess. I can create the bots but how can I integrate them into my game and in characters which I make in 3ds Max?
    4. I'm new to the VR Game Dev community so are there some that you can give to me before starting my project?
    5. How to understand how much graphics can a headset run on it ? I wanna make a realistic game so how realistic can I get or are there no limitations to that ?

    Thank you!

  6. Thank you very much! This helped a bunch! A few settings look a little different today (02/19/22) but all in all I was able to get through the entire tutorial and learned a bunch

  7. Hi, I'm making a VR Hello on android. I made all the adjustments. But when I compile it, it is not sensitive to head movements. Can you please help with this.

  8. For those looking for the 'Room-Scale XR Rig', it seems like the new unity update has it replaced with 'XR Origin'. The component is very similar and has the camera offset and left and right controller if you expand and dig deeper. It should work the same as the existing XR Rig.

  9. I'm Starting from Scratch with VR development. Literally from 0 experience in game development. I worked in Film and TV as Cameraman and Editor , so had some experience with Video Editing, But despite I'm pretty computer savvy and I pick up things quickly, Eventhou it was taking days of messing around to be only able to understand simple fundamentals of Unity and the whole lingo attached. I watched a lot of tutorials that were melting my head and I was laughing at myself . But I found your approach and tutorials super cool and friendly. Many of your tutorials i rewatched like 70 times , but today I finaly was able to complete this project with a bit more understanding . My brain is still like Marshmallow, But the end of your Video Close up of your face , saying that you are proud , Almost made me emotional 😀 😀 😀 , More its hurts to get to this point , more rewarding it is.
    I want to say Thank you for sharing this knowledge and easy approach. Also thank you all humans out there , Melting your heads. Don't give up. !!
    Liked and Subscribed….
    Thank you Senior Barnett 😀

  10. Justin, I stumbled upon your video and am pleasantly impressed by your genuinely honest and easy to follow directions. I have an idea for a training “game”, very basic but very specific. I sure could use some advice. You make it sound easy.

  11. Hey not much of one to comment like this but I really appreciate this video you helped me out alot and you went into very good detail! thank you for the help!!!!!

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