The BEST VR Games of all Time – Quest 2022 Edition

The BEST VR Games of all Time - Quest 2022 Edition

Welcome back, today we are going over the BEST Quest 2 games of all time as of November 2022. While this video includes …


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  1. Missing thrill of the fight. Best boxing game. It’s a simulator so the fighting is spot on. Best workout I’ve had in vr. Favorite sports game. Also pinball fx vr – if you like actual pinball, it’s a must. Otherwise pass. Cheaper on steam than quest.

  2. The only thing I really disagreed with is Vader Immortal. It was kind of cool to see Vader, but it was definitely not a great or engaging story. The DLC for Galaxy's edge has it beat, and I'd say Down The Rabbit Hole probably probably a better story than either.

  3. The Room VR. Puzzle room/story driven adventure. If you're a fan of red matter or i expect you to die then this is a fantastic title. The mobile games are amazing too

  4. Having seen the list, I have to admit that the Quest with it's graphics and limited storage very much lends itself to rogue lite games. Both Until You Fall and In Death Unchained had me hooked for quite a while. And they both actually look really impressive on the standalone hardware…

  5. Most of these games are also available on PCVR despite Meta's efforts to fracture the VR industry into exclusives. I'm glad for that as the VR industry isn't really big enough to support such practices yet. I own a Quest 2, but I never end up using it because my Valve Index and Pimax 8KX are both better ways to enjoy these games.

    I keep thinking I should fire up my Quest 2 to play the exclusive games mentioned on this list, but it never happens.

  6. I'm sorry Matteo, you seem like a legit guy and I usually like your videos but, have you actually played all these games? It seems like you're just mentioning titles you've heard about (I'm sure you've played some of them, of course), going through the motions. But it doesn't seem like a "best of…" series, just a list of games from each genre, because you don't say much about many of them (Reiko's Fragments, for example, it just sounds like you haven't played it). I of course may be wrong about this and I apologize if I'm misjudging you but, still, if it feels that way, maybe there's something to reflect about for next time (or the PCVR edition).

  7. Thanks Matteo! Do you plan to cover Arcaxer? Have you tried it?. Any thoughts? I tried it when it was in alpha and I wonder if they used that potential… It's very quiet about it so I am not very hopeful 🙂

  8. Came in thinking, "17 minutes? That's a ludicrously long video."

    At 6 minutes: "Holy Moly, what's left? He's already mentioned a million games!"

    At 16 minutes: "Damn, I didn't realize how much the Quest's game library has grown–hey! The video's over? That was quick."

    Excellent video with good information, even for Quest owners who may have had their headsets for awhile, but haven't closely kept up with store releases, or who are getting back into VR after a break–be it voluntary, or forced by "real life".

    As for newer Quest owners, great guide for getting them started, and, hopefully, getting them to explore some of the more obscure or newer offerings, like one of my favorites, Racket: NX, which has great music, multiplayer options, as you try to zing that ball against and around the right panels.

    The only genre(?) I would've added was the sit-down puzzle games, like Cubism, and Puzzling Places, and the experiential puzzlers/arcade games, like the awesome Tetris Effect.

    Hopefully, new Quest owners who find this will also check out some of the good to excellent offerings from small developers who are making their way to the main Store through AppLab.

    Thanks for taking the time to do this again, Matteo; I always look forward to your list videos.

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