Kitchen Gadgets for Cooking (It Really Works!)

Kitchen Gadgets for Cooking (It Really Works!)

You will love these kitchen gadgets and simple cooking utensils. I even try out try the hot dog dicer slicing tool! These simple and …


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  1. You can actually use to saucers you put one salsa on you don’t put your tomatoes on. It flipped played over on top of them and slice right through them. They showed this particular hack on the kitchen. But I actually have one gizmo like that I got at a garage sale. Haven’t used it yet. I just eat mine like candy. Also, can you slice a Kabasa sausage in that then you sliced bananas in?

  2. πŸ‘πŸ‘Ive got a whole set of those folding Cutting boards..and I really miss Kiwi fruit as I lived in Australia for 35 years. We normaly cut the top off and eat by scooping with the special knife.
    Is Kiwi friut grown in The US..??

  3. 😊One silly question..Could you show us a trick or two on How/ Where we can store All these gadgets..serious question. Mine sort of rattles around in a spare draw, making it a night mare to find πŸ™„

  4. FYI, they are actually Kiwifruit, Kiwis are a large flightless bird native to New Zealand that Kiwifruit are name after. Kiwifruit are actually originally from China and were called Chinese gooseberries when they were first introduced to New Zealand.

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