IT'S A TRAP! 2nd Fatal Flaw In ATF's Pistol Brace Rule!!

IT'S A TRAP! 2nd Fatal Flaw In ATF's Pistol Brace Rule!!

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  1. People all this information is great! 😃 But what are people going to do about it? 🤔 If you read my other comment it shows you step-by-step measures to take to sue them if it takes it in these lawless tent encampment sanctuary cities were all the crime is happening at. Or in any unsafe condition you can hold someone legally liable and in a court of law if it takes it. Yes my other comment is very long. No one wants to be a whistleblower but you can use this information in any unsafe condition. And for me I didn't even have to go to court. The Town come in and shut the landlord down for 1.5 years and cost the landlord thousands of dollars for all the violations and not being able to rent the apartment for 1.5 years while the apartment was being fixed up. And why did I do this to the landlord? The apartment was uninhabitable and the landlord to top it all off and basically wanted to sue me. My landlord was a true piece of poop! 💩 That was my landlord's big mistake wanting to sue me. So I had to take written legal action to protect myself, credit, finically and legally.🤑 And it only cost around $32 total and no lawyer or other fees! 😃

  2. Why would you even listen to anything these clowns are telling you? We don't need their permission to own anything. We tell them what they cam do not the other way around. Its time we disband them for overeach of our laws. They don't run this country we do!

  3. Regulation IS infringement. Government doesn’t give us our rights. Our rights are given by the creator. Always seemed conflicting that the very government we are supposed to protect ourselves from is the same government who is telling us what we may possess. Just my $00.02

  4. Gov don’t care about the constitution. They continue to break the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th and 14th amendments. We only complain about the 2nd. We should be in the streets raising hell about them infringing on all of them.

  5. It's tyranny by the ATF. A brace approved doesn't turn into a felony. Some manufacturers followed the ATFs rule when it was approved and the firearms can't be altered.
    Registering a gun is communism plain and simple. This isn't gun control. This is people control.

  6. I'M sorry but I am failing to see how that a brace makes any difference in how safe I would be in public or the safety of my own home. They are pushing to incite violence and conflict between people to take away from the BS that they are doing in the back room of their office. They are scared that the people are catching on to their scam artist action's! Isn't going to fly here in America home of the free, home of the brave!

  7. Look at "the Four Boxxes Dinner" and wait his videos on this. We all need to Work on Turning over the Senate as well as Draining the swap in the House! and then work on Retiring the NFA and as well as the GCA…. If you look at the Mass Items you will note that most if not all are in Gun free zones.

  8. when somebody becomes a victim of the ATF. for standing there ground and locked up , there forgotten. So it makese it hard to not be the sheep because we don't stand together. So who wants to stand up for three rights .

  9. What part of "The Right to Keep and Bear, Arms Shall not be Infringed" does the asshole ATF not understand? ATF agents should quit in mass, before they get defunded and lose their job anyway, HR 374 is a bill in congress to defund the ATF….

  10. Sheriff's can deputize citizens, we can arrest the ATF agents for illegal activity against the constitution…..

  11. I've never had any desire to own a SBR, but I pride myself on not being a fudd. AR pistols and other pistols with attached braces always seemed a bit funny, but once I understood that the braces have been around for ten years and help people shoot more accurate, they make sense. For those people who have them as an aid, I see no problem. For those that have them just cause, I see no problem.

    I also seen no problem with the nfa and the SBR rules. Admittedly, that's probably because I have no desire to own an SBR, so, I simply didn't think about it.

    Now, with this new rule be hot as fire, I'm thinking about it. Not only do I not have any problems with the braces, I'm starting to wonder why am SBR would even need to be regulated in the first place.

  12. Is it really a trap or would it be entrapment? Tin foil hat time. If you are concerned about the 88 day rule? Then file the paperwork and send your upper to go live with another family till the NFA papers come or the police show up and then go away embarrassed and made to look like a fool. There you go I may not be a lawyer but I can navigate this with ZERO issue. If they do find you and your SBR/Pistol then it's entrapment because they said officially you are good just as long as you filed your paperwork. Go put a tinfoil hat on and turn on the white noise of an analog TV.

  13. What difference does it make where the parts came from??? How can that possibly be a legitimate requirement???

    The fact that we are talking about legality based on nonsense rules like these should tell anyone and everyone the AFT is disingenuous and nothing more than a means to circumvent 2A rights, masquerading as a federal bureau…this should be apparent to everyone and stopped! Talk about not seeing the forest for the trees…unbelievable.

  14. Does anyone remember the video of the AFT agents trying to get inside an upstairs window during the Waco fiasco? I use to feel sorry for those guys but these days? Not so much. The good book says, "you reap what you sow". Why do I have a feeling we will see alot more of those videos? And for no good reason.

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