Apple's Magic Mouse Is FINALLY Fixed

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  1. I am what’s called an apple sheep on the streets, I own almost all apple products on the market at the moment (except a few “pro” ones) and I love em all. But I have to admit, the magic mouse is trash for me. Tried loving it. Just looks pretty but falls short of the apple selling point of “just working”. It just doesn’t work.

  2. I don't understand how Apple still hasn't fixed this trash. Wanna use your mouse and charge? Nope! Time to stop work for 2 hours while it charges.

  3. 👏🏽 to whoever made this. It’s genius. You may think it’s dumb but this person figured out that loyal Apple users who want to keep their mouse but be more comfortable will buy this and they will buy this like hot cakes. The matching colors too will make it popular

  4. Hey guys… can you PLEASE do a segment on Apples Voice to text and how it has gotten worse over the years. I cannot do a single message anymore with out it putting the wrong words in, far from what I said. I’ve looked online and there are hundreds of posts and blogs and videos about this. Apple needs to fix this as I’m sure 50% of ppl out there depend on voice to text like me.

    With all this tech and AI you’d think this would be a flawless feature. Not to mention how Siri hasn’t changed at all since her launch, and if it has they were very minimal changes. By now she should be like Jarvis from Iron man lol it’s got so bad between voice to text and Siri I’m seriously considering switching to Google, and I’ve been with Apple for over 10 years.

    You’d be doing us a huge justice making this public and calling Apple out on this major flaw in their voice to text

  5. Does that attachment come for left-handed folks like myself? That's why I can't see myself putting money in a Logitech mouse because they don't have any of the premium ones for left-handed folks.

  6. How can you guys stand the weird scrolling using the MX Master (or any non-Apple mouse) on a macOS? How come no one talks about this? If you don't know what I'm talking about, you're weird 🙂

  7. People just need to realise their hands have evolved wrong, there's nothing wrong with the magic mouse, people be holding it wrong 🤣
    Similarly if it's flat and you need to work your working at the wrong time.

  8. Imagine buying a wireless mouse for 20x the price of one just because it's made by Apple and called a "magic mouse" and then complaining it's uncomfortable, rich people issues.

  9. Instead of sticking with that stupid design, i'd rather they design a magnetic charging dock that we can purchase as an add-on. That way the mouse can be docked whenever its not in use, and then detached fully charged easily. Just having it charged like a beetle on its back is ridiculous

  10. I was fully onboard until the $30 price tag. My honest opinion, that's a $15 piece of plastic at most, mainly because of production and shipping costs because that part could also probably be easily 3D printed. $30 is just taking advantage of the Apple user base.

  11. Maybe my hands are weird because I’ve been using that mouse since day one and haven’t felt any discomfort with it. My biggest problem is with charging. That makes this mouse one of the worst devices I’ve ever had 🤦‍♂️

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